Set Sail on Crooked Dice’s 7th Voyage

April 12, 2013 by dracs

Crooked Dice are busy preparing for Salute, but that doesn't stop them bringing out two new books to get gaming in 7TV.

First we have the exciting  release of the rule book for 7th Voyage, the long awaited take on classic fantasy stop motion films.

7th Voyage

Now you can play out games with suave heroes facing off against the mighty stop motion monsters of Ray Harryhausen.

Sinbad and the Sorcerer

To help with your games of classic fantasy film Crooked Dice also released a selection of accessories, such as cards and tokens to keep track of your spells, gifts from the gods etc.

7th Voyage Cards

7th Voyage Tokens

Hopefully we will get to see this playing out at Salute this year.

Crooked Dice have also announced that they will be releasing a book collecting together the previous 7TV supplements into one printed cover.

Heroes Programme Guide

This will bring together the previous 7TV shows; Department X, The Man from 2000 and The Beat.

The book will be released at Salute on the 20th of April, so be sure to head over to Crooked Dice and see what they're up to.

Anyone fancy some classic TV based miniature gaming?

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