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Pigs Can Fly With New Wrath Of Kings Releases Coming Soon


Wrath Of Kings may have had a slight delay on releases recently but they have some fun things coming your way with new Union Bombadiers coming for Teknes and more.

Unleashing Wrath Of Kings: Little Piggies Are Off To Market



Unleashing Wrath of Kings XLBS: Favouring Movement For Victory Points


In this episode, Bryan is favouring the key movement strategy of his faction to expect Victory points later in the game.

Unleashing Wrath Of Kings: Manipulating Motivations


Today we’re learning about manipulating motivations in Wrath of Kings!

Unleashing Wrath Of Kings XLBS: Go For Broke! Breaking Army Morale


It’s time for us to learn more about Wrath Of Kings as we we delve into how to break the enemy morale and chase them from the tabletop.

Weekender XLBS: Planning Mega SAGA Battles & Tanks Galore


Unleashing Wrath Of Kings: Larger Skirmish Level Activation Tactics


We dive back into the world of Wrath Of Kings.

Unleashing Wrath Of Kings XLBS: Tactical Activations In Larger Games


We now head Backstage on our XLBS show for Wrath Of Kings to find out about the ways you’d approach activations in much larger games.

Executioners & The Shadowy Nasier Come To Wrath Of Kings


The world of Wrath of Kings get some new warriors this month as we look to the Goritsi and the Nasier this time around.

Unleashing Wrath Of Kings: Ravenscar Mercenary Movement Tactics


We’re back for some more tactics and tips. In this episode Justin is learning about using his Ravenscar Mercenaries at their best.

Unleashing Wrath Of Kings XLBS: Morale Tactics & Staying In The Fight


Unleashing Wrath Of Kings: Playing To The Strengths Of A Horde Army


Today Justin is joined by Bryan as they look at how to play to the strengths of a horde-style army in Wrath Of Kings.

Unleashing Wrath Of Kings XLBS: Holding Your Own With A Small Elite Force


Welcome Backstage to Unleashing Wrath Of Kings where we now learn from Bryan how to hold your own as a small, elite force on the tabletop.

Weekender: 4Ground’s New Fantasy Game & Steampunky Age Of Sigmar Dwarfs


Join us to talk about the new 4Ground Miniatures Game AND some big Games Workshop news too!

New Dark Age & Wrath Of Kings Distributor Comes On Board For The UK


DiaCash UK is going to be bringing both Wrath Of Kings and Dark Age to the shores of dear old Blighty as they have sealed a deal to start work on it this year!

CoolMiniOrNot Preview March Releases For Hadross & Shael Han In Wrath Of Kings


CMoN have released information for the latest releases for Wrath of Kings.

Community Spotlight: Caped Crusaders, Inspired Swordsmen & Fiery Space Marines


We delve back into the realm of
Hobby & Painting.

Nasier & Teknes Gain New Warriors For Wrath Of Kings


The Wrath Of Kings releases for February have popped up on their webstore as both Teknes and Nasier are getting support on the battlefield. First off we have the Nasier Character Box.

Wrath of Kings Week: How To Build A Force


Justin sits down with Dave Taylor from Cool
Mini Or Not to learn how to build a Wrath of
Kings faction ready for battle regardless of
whether it’s a Patrol, Skirmish or Battle
sized army.

VLOG: Discover How We Made Our Cliffs & Cobbles For The Wrath of Kings Table


Wrath Of Kings Week: Painting The Longhorn – Part Three


See how things wrap up as we finish work
on the Longhorn from the Nasier faction in
Wrath of Kings.

Wrath of Kings Week: Building A Wrath Of Kings Table


Wrath of Kings Week: Future Miniatures Revealed


We open up Wrath of Kings’ second book Rising
Conflicts to discover what miniatures are coming
to the game in the near future from terrors of the
deep to mystical avatars, flying pig-men and much
more besides.

Wrath Of Kings Week: Painting The Longhorn – Part Two


We continue to explore painting the Longhorn
from the Nasier faction in Wrath of Kings.

Wrath of Kings Week: Faction Guide – Teknes


It’s time to visit Wrath of Kings nation of Felskar
to find out more about the technology focused
faction which takes a more socialist approach to
ruling than the other nation in Arikania, the
House of Teknes.

Wrath of Kings Week: Faction Guide – Shael Han


We have reached that stage of Wrath
of Kings Week where it is time for us
to seek enlightenment. To do that we
take a trip to the nation of Achrion to
visit the House of Shael Han.

Wrath Of Kings Week: Painting The Longhorn – Part One


Join us for an epic painting tutorial this week
as we show off how to paint up the Longhorn
of the Nasier from Wrath of Kings.

Wrath of Kings Week: Faction Guide – Hadross


For this Wrath of Kings faction chat
we descend below the oceans
of Arikania to visit the Deepmen
of House Hadross, the most
defensive army in the game.

Wrath of Kings Week: Demo Game – Honor and Treachery Starter Box


Wrath of Kings Week: Faction Guide – Nasier


It’s time to visit the largest nation in the Wrath of Kings continent, Kartoresh where we will discover the mask wielding warriors of the House of Nasier.

Wrath of Kings Week: Faction Guide – Goritsi


The first of our Wrath of Kings faction
chats takes a look at Telloria’s beastly
warriors, creatures and mercenaries
that make up House Goritsi.

Wrath of Kings Week: Welcome To The World of Arikania


We kick off our Wrath of Kings week with Dave Taylor and Bryan Steele of Cool Mini Or Not introducing us to the five kingdoms of Arikania and the factions that vie for power within them.

Weekender: Wrath Of Kings Week Coming & Huge Mythic Battles Giveaway


We’ve got a packed show for you today with loads of awesomeness including giving away some brilliant prizes AND giving you a look ahead to more too!

Wrath Of Kings Week Coming Next Monday!


Coming Monday 30th January we’re going to be delving into the exciting world of Wrath of Kings as we explore the factions, background and more.

Celestial Creatures Join The Shael Han Of Wrath Of Kings


Wrath Of Kings is continuing to produce a number of amazing miniatures including some new warriors for the Shael Han. Here we have two new Celestial sets from CoolMiniOrNot.

Wrath Of Kings Unboxing: Honor & Treachery


Today we’re super excited to unbox some of the amazing Wrath of Kings models from Cool MiniOr Not. To start we’re looking through the Honor & Treachery Beginner Box.

Weekender: 4Ground’s Epic Shopping Mall & Zombie Survival Prep Talk


4Ground’s shopping mall gets us thinking survival plans whilst we talk about The UK Games Expo with the organisers and some amazing gamer swag from Cosy Dice!

CMON Hints At New Miniature For Wrath of Kings


Something wicked is coming from Wrath of Kings.

Weekender: Alessio Talks Labyrinth & Hunger Games + Tor Gaming’s C’thu


It’s time for a jam packed Saturday
morning as we have an interview
with Alessio Cavatore about upcoming

Plus there’s a chat with Tor Gaming
about the progress of their C’thu
Kickstarter and we get stuck into
looking at some of the painting from
the community…

Arkazan Greatwing Reveals His Presence For Wrath Of Kings


CoolMiniOrNot have revealed another of the upcoming monstrous characters from the world of Wrath of Kings. See what you make of Arkazan Greatwing who is a mighty demon with the power of the Slayer Blades in his hands…

Weekender: Mantic Talks The Walking Dead Plus New GW Starter Sets


CoolMiniOrNot Announce Wrath Of Kings Starter Set


CoolMiniOrNot have announced that they are going to be producing a Wrath of Kings Starter Set which will be out from March 12th 2016. The set will be named Honour & Trechery: Battle For Ravenwood. See what you think of the two factions you get in the box…