Everyone is Kung Fu Fighting at North Star Military

January 29, 2014 by dracs

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North Star Military Figures have collaborated with Osprey Publishing to provide the miniatures for their Kung Fu film inspired rule set A Fistful of Kung Fu. Now those fearsome martial artists are available for your tabletop.

Fistful of Kung Fu

Fistful of Kung Fu Cops

Fistful of Kung Fu Demons

Fistful of Kung Fu Heroes

Fistful of Kung Fu Yakuza

Fistful of Kung Fu Ninja

These models do a pretty good job in capturing the various characters we see in those classic pieces of Hong Kong cinema, from the supernaturally powered gangs to the surprisingly well trained police officers.

As a long standing fan of Kung Fu films this is a rule set I am really looking forward to trying out and replaying classic movies like Police Story, or even more modern examples like the Korean fantasy martial arts film Woochi.

Will any of you be trying out your Kung Fu skills with North Star's minis?

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