Modiphius Show Off Warbands For Achtung! Cthulhu Skirmish Game

April 20, 2016 by brennon

Modiphius have been working on a skirmish rules set for you to use your Achtung! Cthulhu miniatures with. As it stands it looks like the game is going to be arriving in July with a Two Player Starter Set and more...

Rise of the Black Sun Two Player Starter Bundle

"Achtung! Cthulhu Skirmish: Rise of the Black Sun is the title of the first wave of releases during 2016 which will complete a whole story arc set around the first battles fought by the secretive Allied forces Section M, set up by the British to combat the Mythos threat and their US counterparts Majestic."

This will be the main boxed game for you to pick up. Inside you will get...

  • 32 Page Rise of the Black Sun Campaign Book
  • Extra Card Deck (TAC Cards, Mythos Events, Spell Cards)
  • Extra 15 dice (5 Red, 5 Blue, 5 Black)
  • 3 x Allied Investigators (Professor Deadman, Natalya Petrova and her creature, Sergeant Carter)
  • 3 x Pathfinder Demonhunters
  • 6 x Badger's Commando's
  • 3 x Black Sun Villains (Black Sun Canon, Master and Die Tote guard)
  • 10 x Black Sun Troopers
  • 10 x Servitor's of Nyarlathotep Horde

So quite a lot of interesting characters and troopers for you to battle it out. The game system that it's based on is Spartan Games' Dystopian Legion 2.0 Rules.

Commander's Set

However there is another option for those of you who might have already picked up some of their miniatures with the Commander's Set.

Commander's Set

This will give you simply the rules plus all of the additional content that you need to get gaming in this world. You can then snap up boxed sets of miniatures at your leisure.

Choose A Side

Of course there are also supporting boxed sets which will help you get a step up and add to your existing collection for the skirmish game. We'll start with The Deep Ones...

Deep Ones War Party

...although maybe you'd be more interested in adding to Badger's Commandos?

Badger's Commandos

The monstrous Servitors of Nyarlathotep are not to be outdone however with their warped and 'changed' commanders leading horrifying creatures to battle.

Servitor Horde of Nyarlathotep

Last but not least we have potentially my favourite boxed set, the Black Sun Troopers.

Black Sun Troopers

Who doesn't like black clad troopers with awesome machine guns and gas masks complete with tinted red glass? I think this would certainly be my pick if I was going to take on a faction for this game.

What do you think of this move to a skirmish game?

"The game system that it's based on is Spartan Games' Dystopian Legion 2.0 Rules..."

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