Commandos & Demon Hunters Get Killin’ In Achtung! Cthulhu

January 23, 2016 by brennon

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Modiphius have now added two more packs of miniatures to their Achtung! Cthulhu range. Here we have both the Pathfinder Demon Hunters and Badger's Commandos who both take killing beasts from the netherworld to a whole new level I'm sure.

Demon Hunters

We kick things off with these Demon Hunters who come with both their traditional weapons and their modern guns. They are adept with both and are uniquely spiritual giving them a potential ward against the deadliness of the Third Reich.

Pathfinder Demon Hunters

"The Pathfinder Demon Hunters are known to their own people as The Keijn (Tinglit for five). Only the bravest and most spiritual of the North American Tribes would be sent to Alaska to join the Tlingit peoples, to learn the ways of the demons and how to battle and defeat them.

Armed with traditional Tlingit armour, a tomahawk and a pair of sacred Tinglit swords, the warriors join the US Pathfinders under the command of Majestic to fight against the evil unleashed by the Third Reich."

It's nice to see some alternative models from other cultures popping up within the range.


Following up from the Demon Hunters we have Badger's Commandos who seem like your traditional soldiers with an additional twist of the weird.

Badger Commandos

"Founded by Captain Eric Badger Harris, Badger's Commandos are a hand picked unit of British soldiers who've confronted the worst the Secret War has to offer, yet have lived to fight another day.

Used to operating deep behind enemy lines and taking on the worst their Black Sun adversaries can throw at them, these brave commandos are armed with Professor Blevin's experimental steam guns which fire high pressure caustic agents, designed to deal with both Mythos terrors and Nazi agents alike."

I wonder if those steam guns will indeed be able to tackle the beasts from beyond?

Which of these sets do you like better?

"It's nice to see some alternative models from other cultures popping up within the range..."

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