Acolyte Miniatures Showcase 32mm Fantasy Range With Wizard

August 15, 2017 by thisisazrael

Acolyte Miniatures have released a 32mm wizard as part of their fantasy range.

Acolyte Miniatures Wizard Front

The pose with spell books bound to his side and a spell in mid flow, I think really sets this guy apart, especially with the furrowed concentrated brow.

Acolyte Miniatures Wizard Side

On Facebook Acolyte had to put out a joking disclaimer that the model is "in no way based on any living or dead Labour party leader"

Acolyte Miniatures Wizard Back

I must admit when I first saw the back of the model I was a little disappointed the cape was so plain, especially given the wonderful detail on the armour and books, however on reflection I feel it is probably more in keeping with the character to have a less ornate cloak.

What do you think of this spellcaster?

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