Acolyte Reveal Their Prestige 72mm Diorama Range

September 30, 2014 by brennon

Acolyte Miniatures have announced a new line of miniatures coming soon called the Prestige Range. The range will feature 72mm dioramas based on stunning pieces of artwork like The Defeated and Dragon Mage below...

The Defeated

Dragon Mage

The art style that they're basing their sculpts on is purposefully made to look like book covers and if they manage to capture all the awesomeness of the art in the miniatures themselves then that will be very cool indeed.

Interestingly the range looks like it's going to be in 72mm which means these go beyond the realms of usefulness on the tabletop or for role-playing games but instead makes it much more of a painting piece. It does of course mean they will be able to pack the miniature with even more detail.

I wonder if Dragon Mage comes with that dragon in the background?

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