Acolyte Miniatures Launch Soon With The Deadly Butcher

October 28, 2013 by brennon

Acolyte Miniatures are a new company that are bringing out miniatures for their short story series, The House of Lies and Bones. See what you think of the concept work on this fellow...

Acolyte Butcher

Butcher Concept Art

The aforementioned stories are a set of Victorian Gothic horrors featuring deadly people like this Butcher you see above. There is also potential for this to turn into a miniatures game in the future so that could be an interesting prospect!

The concept work on The Butcher is looking pretty good indeed and I can certainly see him as a rather special miniature for the tabletop. My hope is that the sculpting does indeed line up with their artistic vision.

As well as Victorian Horror they are also thinking about Fantasy miniatures too so we should have a lot to look forwards to when it comes to this company.

Good luck chaps!

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