Acolyte Miniatures Pose Their Drow Marauder

December 5, 2013 by brennon

Acolyte Miniatures are a small company just starting out but they have already impressed with some great looking work on their model, The Butcher which you can see by checking back through the their tag above. However, they have also now posed their Drow Marauder that will be coming in 2014.

Drow Marauder Pose Concept

As you can see they have put him in a very dynamic pose, lunging forwards about to start gutting some poor fellow who crossed him. I really hope that the art style they have gone for, an almost psuedo-cartoonish one, carries over into the sculpt as well. I love it!

According to their Facebook page this won't be a prospective Kickstarter project either, so that means a nice line of figures must be in the works and we should be getting our mitts on them soon!

You should keep an eye on these chaps early next year.

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