Ghost Train Games Bring Us an Alternative to Civil War

October 10, 2013 by dracs

The American Civil War was one of the most bloody and culturally significant wars of the 19th century. But how much cooler would it have been with magic and steam power? Ghost Train Games are looking to find out.

ACW Rulebook

Civil War Officer Exo-Suit

ACW: 1861 brings us a world where the American Civil War saw officers in shining steam armour fighting alongside mystical living Native American Totems, and where strange and powerful technologies are constantly being created for the battlefield in an ever evolving arms race.

Coil Projector

Totem Concept

Totem Concept 2

Ghost Train Games are apparently working on a Kickstarter to help bring this new period of weird war to the tabletop. I just hope that one of the stretch goals brings us Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.

In this weird civil war who will you fight for?

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