Ghost Train Games Show a Green of a Ghostly Gunman

November 12, 2013 by dracs

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Ghost Train Games are continuing work on their new alternative take on the American Civil War and have shown off a new mini which places a ghoulish gun in a soldier's hands.

Haunted M1819 Halls Teaser

The interesting thing about this new mini is that it is not the man who is important, but rather his gun. The gun is a M1819 Halls rifle from the Mexican-American war. At some point the weapon was infused with a malevolent spirit which now hungers for the souls of others, turning its bearer into a war crazed ravening lunatic.

Haunted M1819 Halls

The story and idea behind the miniature, so I am a little disappointed that the sculpt doesn't show the man in a maddened charge, although it does make the gun the central focus.

Ghost Train Games are still trying to think of a name for this model. Do you have any suggestions?

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