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Good Bye from Adepticon 2011


Time for Adam to say good bye till the next time, we hope you enjoyed the coverage.

Adam Interviews Painter Sam Lenz


Adam chats to one of the painter's Sam Lenz, who entered the crystal brush contest and get's an idea of how he got in to competition painting and what drives him to get better.

Instantmold from Cool Mini or Not


Adam has a chat with Travis from Cool Mini or Not about Instamold. A cool little bar of stuff that will let you cast new bitz for your gaming table!

Super Dungeon Explore From Soda Pop Miniatures


Adam gets to meet up with John from Soda Pop Miniatures, and gets the lowdown on there new dungeon game.

Nathan Long – Warhammer Heros Book For Deathmaster Snikch


Adam gets a chat with Nathan Long and asks about what got him in to writing for black library and what he'll be working on next.

Flames of war (NAM) & Gale Force Nine


Adam corners another poor defenceless games developer at Adepticon. This time it's Joe from Battlefront and Galeforce 9.

Privateer Press Battle Engines at Adepticon 2011


Privateer Press chat about the new Battle Engines and the effect of MII for Warmachine.

Dan Abnett chats about Salvation’s Reach & Know No Fear


Adam tracks down Dan Abnett at AdeptiCon and picks his brain.

Adam chats to Matthias Weeks an AdeptiCon Organiser


Here's some interesting info. on how the event is pulled together and what they might do in the future.

Romeo from Battlefoam talks about new stuff!


Mercs are getting a bag! About time we really like that range.

Adam chats to Shawn Gately from Blue Table Painting


Adam has an interesting time with Shawn Gately from Blue Table Painting a pretty cool painting service and Shawn's a damn good dancer too!

Adepticon 2011 on Beasts of War


Adam kicks off our AdeptiCon 2011 coverage with a short introduction.

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