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FFG Prepare For Honourable Duels With L5R Two-Player Mat


While this is just a small thing, the two-player mats which have been designed by Fantasy Flight Games are actually very good indeed.

Weekender XLBS: Making A Games Workshop & WizKids Baby


Grab a towel because we’re about
to give birth to another XLBS!

Weekender: Vote For BoW Awards & FFG Gets Aggressive


Justin interviews Sherwin and Steve from Steamforged Games and we get an exclusive sneak peek at the next Guild Ball model you’ll be fighting over!

FFG’s Aggressive Release Schedule Hitting For Legend Of The Five Rings


Legend Of The Five Rings from Fantasy Flight Games might only have just come out but you’re going to have to contend with a whole lot more cards very soon as they announced their aggressive Six Week release window for the entire first cycle, the Imperial Cycle.

Weekender XLBS: Will SAGA 2 Be Da Bomb & The Perfect Infinity Accessory?


Lloyd gushes over news of SAGA
2nd Edition and Ben loses his
mind over some stunning minis.

Fantasy Flight Show Off New Legend Of The Five Rings Mat Designs


Showing loyalty to your clan is a big part of Legend of the Five Rings and so when Fantasy Flight Games puts out a selection of new mats for you to choose from, you better make your decision wisely.

Battle The Wrath Of Magmaroth In AEG’s The Master’s Trials


Cooperative card games and deck builders are becoming all the rage and one of the latest on the way from AEG is The Master’s Trial: Wrath Of Magmaroth where you work together, build your characters and hope to survive the challenges ahead.

Fantasy Flight Games Releases More Information About Legend Of The Five Rings


Fantasy Flight Games Saved Legend of the Five Rings from becoming legend and now shows us the new version.

Join The Adventure With Thunderstone Quest From AEG On Kickstarter


AEG has taken to Kickstarter on a quest to bring the next edition of Thunderstone to life.

Star Wars Love Letter Is Coming…For Russians Only


It looks like all of your hopes and dreams for a Star Wars version of AEG’s Love Letter have been shattered. A million voices are crying out in pain right now. Because of some weird licensing laws the only place they are allowed to sell copies of it is Russia!

AEG Announce Three New Board Games Packed With Goblins & Animals


AEG have announced three new board games that are going to be available towards the end of 2015 and the beginning portion of 2016. There are some funky sounding games in this collection so see which one grabs your attention…

Fantasy Flight Games Snaps Up Legend Of The Five Rings


Fantasy Flight Games have snapped up the Legend Of The Five Rings from Alederac Entertainment (AEG) and will now be looking ahead to create a Living Card Game and potentially a new Role-Playing Game using the property…

Alderac Entertainment Show Off Adventure Time Love Letter


Alderac Entertainment are adding another version of Love Letter to their repertoire. Adventure Time is the next property getting the lovely plush bag treatment and it looks awesome.

Vote For Your Clan’s Destiny In Legend of the Five Rings CCG By AEG


AEG has opened up voting for their collectible card game, Legend of the Five Rings. Now you can have some input into how the different clans’ stories develop.