Aenor Miniatures Show Off New Fantasy Heroes

November 24, 2017 by brennon

Aenor Miniatures has shown off some new Fantasy Heroes for you to snap up and use in all manner of games. They have a superb character and style to them, and we'll kick things off with their Gypsy.

Gypsy Woman

I think they've done a wonderful job on all of the little details for this character and, if you head on over to their webstore you'll also see she comes with a little cat too. I particularly like the way they've sculpted her staff, it looks old and full of eldritch power.

Moving away from magic and instead to a different kind of strength we also have the Barbarian Warrior.

Bearded Barbarian

The Barbarian looks like an old grizzled warrior, ready to get stuck in with the fighting as he descends from his mountain home. The axe looks cruel, maybe an heirloom of his family passed down through the generations.

If you prefer a younger looking warrior you can use his headswap which gives him a helmet.

Helmeted Barbarian

Personally, I prefer the bearded head as I think it's a bit more dynamic but I like that you could, with a few modifications, create two different looking characters from essentially the same sculpt. Maybe it could even be a young and old version of the same warrior in your role-playing games?

Last but not least we're going to be doing a bit of stealing with their Thief!

Female Rogue

Clad in her cloak and with daggers drawn you could imagine her making her way through the streets and over rooftops looking for an open window that she can dive into before stealing off with the jewels. The sculpt is, once again, fantastic and really shows off the elegance and dexterity of the character.

Trolls & Goblins

Aenor Miniature is also on Kickstarter right now looking to fund their range of Trolls & Goblins.

Aenor Miniatures - Trolls & Goblins Kickstarter

Maybe these fellows could be the enemies of the heroes we've just seen above, raiding their village as they put up a valiant defence. The models are looking superb and I recommend you check out their Kickstarter in more detail to see how its progressing.

What do you think of these new characters?

"Maybe it could even be a young and old version of the same warrior in your role-playing games?"

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