Anvil Eight Games Shows Off New Art For The Rhommox

December 18, 2017 by deltagamegirl22

The Sci-Fi hacker universe of Aetherium continues to grow and this week Anvil Eight Games is showing off amazing art for the Rhommox faction.

The Rhommox very much represent the "bug" in your system- literally. Each is more creepy than the one before and will no doubt bring chaos to the table during gameplay.

First up is the juggernaut is known as The Macro, an omni-sized program that can spawn smaller creatures called Viral Mites. Together, they can cause all sorts of havoc on the battlefield.

Next up is one of the Rhommox's functions: The Wasp. With wings, this agile creature slips into and out of combat very easily. It's incredibly hard to hit and can cause all sorts of problems for your opponent with its' venomous stinger.

Now for the first of the Rhommox subroutines! Introducing, the Trojans. These segmented programs run in groups of 3. They are highly manoeuvrable and great at dealing out damage. They can bypass enemies' safeguards and when they focus on a single target they can easily cripple it.

How about another subroutine: Replicators! These little guys are a linked program that specializes in swarm tactics. While their damage output is minimal, their board presence cannot be ignored. They can slow down enemies, taunt other programs to attack them, and cause minor but annoying damage to enemy programs that try to disengage from them.

Most impressive of all is their safeguard, which allows them to replace deleted models if the incoming attack is not strong enough!

Next is the Incandescent. In a mostly melee faction, this omni-program brings some much needed long range to the game. Capable of igniting enemies (and allies) on fire in several ways and setting up large firewall blocks, this program can be quite a nuisance for the enemy to deal with.

And last, but certainly not least, is their second avatar: another omni-program known as The Strain. Unlike other omni-programs, this large snake-like creature is incredibly mobile, able to move as a single square sized model. In addition, its bladed body can damage units it moves around, and its wicked tail can make an extra attack! If The Strain is in your collective, the rest of your units will be able to benefit from its mobility while they occupy an infested schema.

Anvil Eight Games will be at Adepticon 2018 and there's even a Rhummox event! Be sure to get in on it soon and we'll see you there!

What do you think of these virtual creepy-crawlies?

"Anvil Eight Games will be at Adepticon 2018 and there's even a Rhummox event!"

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