Anvil Eight Games Shows Off Part Of New Faction For Aetherium

November 27, 2017 by stvitusdancern

Anvil Eight Games has posted a new preview of an upcoming member of their newest faction for their Sci-Fi game Aetherium.

The new faction will be the Rhommox and the preview today is for the subroutine: Replicators...

These little guys are a linked program that specializes in swarm tactics. While their damage output is minimal, their board presence cannot be ignored. They can slow down enemies, taunt other programs to attack them, and cause minor but annoying damage to enemy programs that try to disengage from them. Most impressive of all is their safeguard, which allows them to replace deleted models if the incoming attack is not strong enough!

If you are not familiar with Aetherium, think of it as a cross between Tron and Netrunner. Where you are on the network and are manipulating the environment as you battle it out against your opponent. If you are really interested in this game we filmed a short demo at AdeptiCon this year and you can view it here.

Also recently we had the guys in the U.S. studio and filmed a chat with them and hopefully we can get that out to you soon.

No matter what this is a fun game that has an excellent board game feel as well as a miniatures combat game. I think it hits the target for both camps.

Do you like the new designs?

"...their board presence cannot be ignored"

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