Republic Assault Specialists Batter Down the Door in AFTERLIFE

October 22, 2014 by dracs

If you watched last week's Weekender, you would have seen the guys talking about Anvil Industry's new Kickstarter for AFTERLIFE: The Shards of Liberty, in particular the game's "Breach and Clear" action. Now some new WiPs have appeared of a unit which specialises in such actions.

Commando Assault Specialists

These Commandos are the Republic's assault specialists, bringing with them the gear they need to get the job done, such as SMGs, Shotguns, Grenade Launchers, Battering Rams, Ballistic Shields and Breaching Charges. Against that armament, few defenses will prove impregnable.

These WiPs are reportedly about 90% complete. The legs and bodies are separate to allow for a number of different poses among your miniatures, helping to create a bit of variety, especially if you have more than one set. The models themselves are definitely shaping up well. Their gear is definitely scifi, yet still recognisablly based upon modern tech. They look every inch the commandos of tomorrow.

Are you going to back AFTERLIFE on Kickstarter? What do you think of the minis Anvil Industry are coming up with for it?

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