Aftermath Mods Kickstarter Role-Playing Magnetic Boards

December 3, 2013 by brennon

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Aftermath Mods have taken to Kickstarter with a pretty nifty idea. They are creating Mobile RPG Module Boxes with magnetic surfaces so that you can ship your adventure around without fear of being called a cheat!

Exterior Detail

Fantasy Board

Magnetic Board With Sci-Fi Terrain

Sci-Fi Box with Sci-Fi Terrain

Right now they have some incredible designs including both a Fantasy and Sci-Fi set up that comes with a brilliant looking design around the edges to make you feel like it really is an encounter in a box.

"The game is set up to be completely portable. the game is contained inside an 11.5"x11.5"  box and will have 2 sizes to choose from. Single Board or Double Board. The first option (Single Board) is a grid pattern laser cut onto a 32 gauge steel plate that houses a grid pattern which has 400 spaces.  this plate is located on the bottom of the box and is magnetic to help keep the pieces in place during your travels. The second (Double Board) will have this same plate in the same placement but will have the added benefit of housing a second board of equal size and will be housed in the top of the box allowing the gamer to double his gaming area to 800 spaces."

Dragon Art Design

Demon Art Design

You can also get some brilliant artwork to go on the box too with something like this Dragon or Demon being just two of the choices on offer. I really like the idea of this and while it's a bit of a vanity project for your tabletop these kind of things do indeed sell very well. It helps that it's practical and good looking even at this stage.

This would certainly be a more fun way of representing my adventures rather than having to scribble on a white board in the middle of the table. It's not all interiors either as they have some plans to release outdoor tile sets too.

Keep an eye on this one I think.

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