Ares Games’ Age Of Conan Kickstarter Launches!

October 9, 2014 by brennon

Ares Games have charged onto Kickstarter in a bid to get their Age of Conan Expansion up and running as well as push some funds into the relaunch of the game under their Cimmerian banner...

Age of Conan

The game sees you taking command of one of the many nations of Hyboria and in a 'dudes on a map' style affair conquer land through battle and intrigue in order to conquer the land. In the midst of it all stands Conan who can be your worst enemy or an effective tool to wield against your foe.

Barbarian Hero

Barbarian King

The pledges above get you either the Adventures in Hyboria expansion (if you already own the Fantasy Flight Games version) or if you're new to the game then the base set and its expansion. Let's see what's inside the expansion...

Expansion Content

Adventures in Hyboria charts the rise of Conan from pirate and thief to conqueror and King. New adventure, story and objective cards will shape and tweak your version of Conan alongside his companions to tell a story alongside the big battles taking place on the board at large. As well as that the different Kingdoms will become even more different and interesting to play with the new Kingdom Cards.

It all sounds like a lot of fun and while it might seem a bit daunting the actual pleasure of games like these is to make them into a big night long experience. Game of Thrones does much the same from Fantasy Flight Games, as does Battlestar Galactica, although in a different way of course.

Will you be jumping on this one?

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