Age Of Sigmar App Coming Soon & Future Plans

July 7, 2015 by brennon

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Games Workshop have given us a hint of things to come with an email last night that confirmed there is an Age of Sigmar App on the way (free to download) which contains the Warscrolls, Rules and a way of bringing that all together to make an army for the tabletop...

Age of Sigmar App

The App is currently 'Coming Very Soon' so hopefully that's not too far off. However it does raise some questions about how it's all going to factor into the news we heard from Dakka as well. @redben over on the forums pasted in the details for us and we'll summarise below...

  • Age of Sigmar/Games Workshop will be attending all major shows (including Gen Con)
  • They want to talk with the community about the game
  • This IS the new Warhammer. There is no 9th Edition
  • The silly rules from the current Warscrolls are their way of allowing people to say a fond farewell to their armies and continue using them
  • Armies of the past will be replaced. The example used was Orcs and the new Ooruks. Ooruks will look different to regular Orcs and therefore in the future the old models will be phased out
  • There will NEVER be points values
  • Age of Sigmar will support all modes of play...
  • Narrative Campaigns will give you the forces to use in each game
  • Tournament play will be considered with a way of balancing force
  • The Rules will always be free...
  • Books will be released but they will just contain additional fluff/background
  • They are intending the game to be played with a handful of models straight out of the box (think Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit)
  • Totally open to rules revisions as the game grows (think Living Rule Books from Bloodbowl etc)

Well, that sounds very positive. This is all hearsay however so take it with a pinch of salt. If it is true though then I think this shines a brighter light on the game as a whole.

Here's hoping the next White Dwarf and this App give us more clues.

What do you think?

"The App is currently 'Coming Very Soon' so hopefully that's not too far off..."

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