More Age Of Sigmar Models & Books Spotted On The Horizon

July 8, 2015 by brennon

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More models and the new big book for Age of Sigmar by Games Workshop has been spotted by some folks on the internet. Lady Atia on Twitter certainly seems to be a good source of all things leaked so we've got a collection of some of the new images from White Dwarf HERE too.


The main focus is on the coming of the Lord Celestant model alongside a look at some alternative Liberators with a range of differen weapons that include swords instead of their hammers. Also, the Prosecutors (the flying chaps) seem to come with spears later on down the line.

Stormcast & Daemons

As well as the models you get a look at the Age of Sigmar 'Book' which isn't specifically a rulebook but instead appears to contain a lot of the new background and hopefully a bit more too. Currently the White Dwarf reveal is in German so it isn't very easy to get a grasp of what is in the book.

I really love the look of the Lord Celestant and I have a temptation to try and paint him up like Tyrael from Diablo. I want to try and get into using greenstuff, remove the sun rays from his helmet and then add the top of a cloak instead.

What do you think?

"I have a temptation to try and paint him up like Tyrael from Diablo..."

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