The Age Of Sigmar Realmgate War Continues With Balance Of Power Book

January 30, 2016 by brennon

Games Workshop continue their Realmgate War in Age of Sigmar with the second book in the series, pushing the campaign onwards. Balance of Power is the next chapter in the story as mighty armies clash and the background of Age of Sigmar gets built up...

Balance Of Power

Inside Balance Of Power...

"The Realm of Life is falling apart. Athelwyrd has been destroyed. Alarielle and the sylvaneth flee, as Chaos begins to exert its festering grip; Realmgates are corrupted and even the Stormcast Eternals may not be enough to stop the putrefaction. In the Realm of Fire, the Skaven make their move against the Fyreslayers.

In the Realm of Metal, Vandus Hammerhand leads a Stormhost in an attempt to stop the Lord of Change Kiathanus gaining indescribable power. And if these threats were not enough, the Exalted Grand Marshal of the Apocalypse himself makes his presence felt…"

It certainly sound like they are pushing the narrative aspect of the games you play in Age Of Sigmar and I think as thinks continue more people will be drawn to the prospect of playing the game by this story based nature. Admittedly they will still have to get their hands on all the books to do so.

Chaos Champions

In addition to the new Balance of Power book we have a lot of Chaos kits getting repackaged with round bases. There are even some golden oldies in the collection like the Chaos Champions...

Champions Of Chaos

...and these Chaos Familiars.

Chaos Familiars

While the Chaos Familiars have a few great pieces and some that haven't stood up to the test of time the Champions look great. I love that big chunky HeroQuest look and while they might not fit within the idea of the regular Warrior they would work nicely as characters in your army.

What do you think of the new book?

"There are even some golden oldies in the collection like the Chaos Champions..."

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