Community Spotlight: Alien Cults, Soviet Armour & A Stalwart Stormcast Eternal

October 28, 2016 by crew

We've delved back into the forums to find the work that has set our imaginations alight with possibilities. The Hobby & Painting Forum certainly gets us inspired to power on with our own hobby.

With a great selection to choose from this week here are three of our favourites.

Genestealer Cultists by martin45

Leading the way for us we take a look at what martin45 has been up to. His Genestealer Cultists, some of the newest models for Warhammer 40,000, really show off the possibilities open to you when it comes to these plastic kits.

Genestealer Cult #1 by martin45

We were finding it hard to pick from the different photos he's uploaded so just went for all of them. The high contrast between the pale skin and armour and the bright orange clothing makes for a striking scheme.

Genestealer Cult #2 by martin45

Since the Genestealer Cult is quite an old organisation in the greater Warhammer 40,000 mythos it seems apt to go for this slightly old school and over the top scheme. I think it suits the models and helps give character to an army that could very easily just turn into a swarm.

Genestealer Cult #3 by martin45

There's a good level of care and detail worked into these models bringing them to life. Little spot colours here and there also serve to capture your eye and bring your attention to different parts of the model, appreciating the detail all the more.

A great looking Genestealer Cult army I think you'll agree and we hope to see more hitting the forums over the next few weeks.

Soviet Armour by foehammer888

When it comes to Weird World War gaming Konflikt '47 seems to have captured the imagination. foehammer888 certainly thinks so as the Soviet army continues to build with some impressive vehicles.

Lend-Lease Sherman by foehammer888

Sitting front and centre we have this Lend-Lease Sherman complete with some very well done freehand work across the armour. While it might look like a simple scheme I think the use of washes and shading here makes a rather mundane looking tank look superb.

It has a nice bit of character attached to it with the scrawled writing of the commander on the turret. Following on from that we have an SU-100 sporting some Tank Riders.

SU-100 With Tank Riders by foehammer888

Once again we're seeing how the tank can be elevated to something 'epic' by the use of a bit of shading and highlighting. It would certainly stand out on the tabletop too with those Tank Riders hunkered down on the top.

It's capped off by a more specific look at his work with the Pulp Nose Art on this tank.

Pulp Nose Art - by foehammer888

A little bit of freehand here and there needs to be rewarded! Most of us are very scared to try this kind of thing so seeing someone pull it off nicely here means we might have to give it a go. A great selection of pieces for a growing Soviet army.

Lord Relictor by sumchien

The Order of Talos is looking superb as we get to see some painting from sumchien as well. Here we have his Lord Relictor who looks amazing.

Lord Relictor #1 by sumchien

The thing that struck us as we checked out this particular model was the work on the armour. The aged and battered look works very nicely for the Stormcast Eternal and sumchien has done a brilliant job here.

Lord Relictor #2 by sumchien

Keeping the model from looking too samey the spot colour of red and the bright parchment work helps to lift the model up and make it stand out. It truly is a masterclass in painting this kind of distressed and aged armour - tips wanted please sumchien!

While some folks might be tired of seeing more Stormcast Eternals out there I think the open canvas their armour gives you should be a challenge for painters and hobbyists to have fun with.

So there you have it. Three more awesome picks from our wonderful community. As always share your work in the Hobby & Painting Forum and you might find yourself on the front page one day.

Even if you're not a painter or hobbyist make sure to check out the forum threads there and let others know you've seen there work, offer tips, and help out!

What are you working on right now?

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