Three New Army Sets Compliment Age Of Sigmar & The Firestorm Campaign

September 23, 2017 by brennon

Games Workshop, as you'll know from our 'What's Inside?' article which is now live, are currently opening up pre-orders for Season Of War: Firestorm, their new Campaign Set for Age of Sigmar.


You can find a big rundown of my initial thoughts about the set as well as more chatter about it on The Weekender as well. But, one of the big things about this set is that it continues to do some world building for the Great Cities of the Mortal Realms.

Allies In Arms

Three of the Great Cities have been focused on with these releases and they show off a great way to smash together both the Stormcast with some of their allies from the forces of Order. Leading the way we have Anvilgard.


These Stormcast Eternals have joined forces with the Aelf Corsairs that monitor the seas and make sure that trade is regulated...with an iron fist and plenty of daggers. It's interesting to have these darker souls hanging around with some decidedly dour Stormcast to give you an alternative take on the forces of 'good'.

As well as Anvilgard we also have Tempest's Eye.

Tempest's Eye

Tempest's Eye matches together forces of the Stormcast Eternals with the Duardin and the Dispossessed of the Mortal Realms. High in the mountains, this band of warriors patrol the peaks and keep a watchful eye on the lands below.

Finally, for this selection of three themed sets, we have Hammerhal which you might know from the second Warhammer Quest adventure.


Here is where we get to meet the forces of the Freeguild, normal men and women who fight alongside the Stormcast Eternals in an effort to preserve some piece of humanity in this chaotic and bloodsoaked landscape.

Each of these forces comes with rules for using them as a themed army on the tabletop, and there's MUCH more inside the book for Firestorm where it goes into detail about alliances for Chaos, Death and Destruction as well.

Will you be picking up one of these themed forces and attempting to control the Flamescar Plateau?

Drop your thoughts below?

"Each of these forces comes with rules for using them as a themed army on the tabletop..."

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