Awesome New Terrain & Stormcast Coming To Age Of Sigmar

July 18, 2015 by brennon

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Games Workshop are continuing to support the Stormcast Eternals of Age of Sigmar with the release of the Lord-Castellant plus two new plastic terrain sets with both the Ophidian Archway and Baleful Realmgate hitting the tabletop...

Meet My Gryph-Hound...

Another leader has hit the battlefield on a wave of lightning for the Stormcast Eternals. The Lord-Castellant does a devastating number of hits with his Halberd but the main use of him is to unlock the power of his Warding Lantern.


When facing the hordes of Chaos the Lantern does D3 Mortal Wounds to your opponent. In defence however it is even better. When cast on a Stormcast unit it will add +1 to their saves and if you make it on a seven then you get to heal a wound within the unit during the next Hero Phase.

He also has his loyal Gryph-Hound. The warning cry that it uses means that the army is never surprised when around it. When a unit secretly deploys within ten inches of the Gryph-Hound it can cry out and alert shooting units to their coming, allowing the models to shoot at them as a reaction.

Terrain Of The Realms

Of course no game is complete without it's terrain and Games Workshop have made some stunning looking hard plastic kits for you to use with Age of Sigmar. I think Games Workshop do a superb job with their terrain if nothing else and it's usually not that badly priced either...

Ophidian Archway

The first piece to have a look at is the Ophidian Archway. As with everything in Age of Sigmar is offers you some special rules on the tabletop. As well as being sinister and offering cover there is an ability to wake up the carvings upon the stone.

Ophidian Archway (Alt)

Using Bravery Tests you can see whether or not the beast wrought upon the stone awakens and either kills a model of your choice or eats you for daring to disturb its eerie slumber.

Next up we have the Baleful Realmgate. This has the ability to take on two different terrain characteristics each turn but is also very unstable. It might lash out with magical energy and slay your warriors if they get too close.

Baleful Realmgate

They can also be used for dangerous transportation of units. If your unit travels through one of these gates on a roll of a one the model is slain, sent off into the ether to never return. But, if you make it through you will now be in a possibly more advantageous position.

A Priest or Wizard can help in this however and allows you to re-roll the result of a one if you were so unfortunate as to fail the first test.

I think the terrain itself is looking great and I quite like the Lord-Castellant too even if he is a little over the top with all that armour!

What do you think?

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" game is complete without it's terrain and Games Workshop have made some stunning looking hard plastic kits for you to use with Age of Sigmar"

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