Get Bestial & Brutal With The New Beastclaw Raider Ogors For Age Of Sigmar

July 30, 2016 by brennon

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The Ogors are next up for an update from Games Workshop for Age of Sigmar. They are back with a vengeance from the icy north as the Beastclaw Raiders. If you like big monstrous beasts and multi-wound creatures who are hard as nails to kill - here you have your army.

Beastclaw Raiders Book

The first thing that is leading the way in this conflict is the Beastclaw Raiders book which is another Battletome for Destruction. Inside you'll get all of the rules you need to play out this faction with a themed list based around these mounted Ogor warriors.

Get Your Horde Started

Starting you off for the game they have put together the Icewind Assault Set which comes with all manner of creatures led by their new Icebrow Hunter character. Of course those big Thundertusks and Stonehorns could also be mounts for your mighty heroes too.

Icewind Assault

Breaking it down we do have those two big mounted beasts which can have all manner of different combinations worked into your army list. The various riders can provide you with slightly different powers for use on the tabletop. Getting down further into it, and on slightly smaller mounts we have the Mournfang Pack.

Mournfang Pack

These are nasty pieces of work in their own right. Quick, with nasty riders and plenty of punch of their own right. I think the paint schemes we're seeing here have elevated this admittedly old miniatures to a new level. Kudos on the snow.

The Icebrow Hunter is another of the great models from the Ogor range making it through to this revamp of the army. I do like this model.

Icebrow Hunter

I think that it would be good to see someone actually paint up these models with an alternative paint scheme where you go full Jotunn and give them pale blue skin. Either way you'll also want some of these Frost Sabres working as his loyal pack animals protecting him in battle.

Frost Sabres

Lastly but not least we also have the monstrous Yhettes who have always looked great but there was very little reason to drop them into your Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition force. Hopefully now their rules have made them worth adding into your games.


Overall while these are effectively all re-packaged versions of the existing range that was available in plastic and finecast I think they've picked the best of the bunch when it comes to what has made it over to Age of Sigmar proper. Of course you could also bring in other Ogors too if you wanted.

Could you see yourself snapping these up?

"Starting you off for the game they have put together the Icewind Assault Set..."

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