Blood Warriors & The Chaos Dreadhold Come To Age Of Sigmar

August 22, 2015 by brennon

Games Workshop have piled on the skulls with their latest set of pre-orders this week for Age of Sigmar. As well as the plastic boxed set for the Bloodbound Blood Warriors they have added all sections of the Chaos Dreadhold onto the webstore. I hope you like skulls...


This unit is the first thing we can take a look at from Games Workshop. These models aren't quite as dynamic and interesting as their starter box brothers but if you're looking for heavily armoured warriors to fit into anything Khorne themed these fit the bill.

Blood Warriors

I don't particularly like this boxed set which is a shame considering I have liked all of the other ones that have come out so far. The stiff poses and uninteresting poses don't help them.

Blood Warriors (Command)

Blood Warriors (Close)

In terms of what the unit can do in the game don't forget to pick up the Warscroll PDF which you can download HERE.


If you were looking for there to be a return of the castle from Warhammer Fantasy then think again. This new Dreadhold is either going to make you really excited or make you hate the way the terrain is going. It even comes with its own book, Chaos Dreadhold, which details all the rules for using it on the tabletop and scenarios to play within it.

Chaos Dreadhold

The Dreadhold is made up of the Bastion, Skull Keep, Fortress Walls, Walls and Malefic Gate. I'm sure someone is going to make this neat to look at on the tabletop but I don't think I'm that won over by the design.


Fortress Walls

Skull Keep

I might just take the Bastion or Skull Keep and use those as singular pieces on the tabletop. Otherwise I think that these terrain pieces are just far too over the top for my liking. I know that this is a 'realm war' and things are going to look odd but the building just doesn't do it for me in any way.

Malefic Gate


You can find rules for the different parts of the Dreadhold in their entries over on the website so you can pick up the segments of terrain without having to buy the main book. This means you'll have the terrain rules but not the scenarios specific to this part of the ongoing narrative.

Are there too many skulls for you?

"I might just take the Bastion or Skull Keep and use those as singular pieces on the tabletop..."

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