The Chaos Varanguard Ride Into Games Workshop’s Age Of Sigmar

December 5, 2015 by brennon

Games Workshop are going to be riding onto the battlefield with the Varanguard - Knights of Ruin. These warriors are the heralds of Archaon in Age of Sigmar and are a new breed of Chaos Knight that will be smashing aside the ranks of the enemy in their terrible charge...

Knights Of Ruin

These Knights actually seem to have gone down quite well with the community and I think that the only thing that has had people concerned about picking them up is just how busy they are. I actually think that's more to do with the paint scheme that Games Workshop have used actually as it lends itself to making them look very complicated.


You can see each of the Knights individually below each with their own brutal looking weapon. I like that they've tied them into the more overly daemonic look and feel of Age of Sigmar but something has to be said for the dour and plain looking Chaos Knights of old which had their own style to them.

Knight #1

Knight #2

Knight #3

I think the leader model, with the big cleaver-style axe, rearing up on his horse, is the best of the three. The unit can also be armed with spears which give them additional benefits in battle although so do their daemonforged blades! You can read their full rules HERE.

I particularly the rule on the daemonforged blades mentioned above as when they roll a six to hit they roll again as the daemon is unleashed. on a 2+ they do more damage to the foe but on a one they strike back on the Knights. Their shields are also great at stopping Wizards casting spells on them.

Archaon's Tome

There are also a couple of book releases for Archaon to enjoy. You can get two variants of the Archaon The Everchosen Battletome with the Standard Edition...

Battletome Everchosen

...and the Limited Edition version too which comes with additional art prints, tokens and more for you to embellish your battlefield. I have to say it does look stylish, especially with that flaming sword on the cover.

Everchosen Limited Edition

Which ever of these you choose you'll be getting the rules for Archaon and his warriors as well as some scenarios to play out following his story and part to play in the ongoing narrative in Age Of Sigmar.

A Reminder Of Days Past

Finally we also have a released from The End Times. Games Workshop have collected together all of the background books from the events that bought an end to the Old World and have put them into one bundle.

End Times Collection

This is the soft back collection and, as noted, also only contains the background with no rules for the characters used in the conflict (wouldn't do well to remind folks of 8th!).

I might actually pick this up as I never did get the books when they were originally out; I just read friends copies!

What do you think of this Chaotic haul?

"Games Workshop have collected together all of the background books from the events that bought an end to the Old World and have put them into one bundle..."

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