Daughters Of Khaine Invade Age Of Sigmar + Chosen Axes Adventure In Shadespire

January 26, 2018 by brennon

As well as the news we saw earlier from the Las Vegas Open for Warhammer 40,000+775423, we also have some news for what's coming in Age Of Sigmar too. Here is what Games Workshop showed off...

Daughters Of Khaine

The Daughters Of Khaine are getting themselves a new Battletome as well as a range of updated models. If you liked the idea of more Dark Elves/Aelves arriving in Age Of Sigmar then you won't have to wait long.

Included in the trailer above you will also see some of the new models including some snake-like women and the mighty Mortahi herself who has undergone quite the transformation since we last saw her in the World-That-Was.

Hopefully, we see the Daughters Of Khaine embroiled in the goings on of Malign Portents as more nefarious foes rise to face off against the forces of Order. As mentioned in the last piece we did on this reveal; I'm very interested to see how Sigmar and his kin deal with this returning friend-come-foe.

Chosen Axes In Shadespire

As well as the addition of new models for Age Of Sigmar, we also saw the reveal of the Chosen Axes for Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire. The Fyreslayers are looking for glory and Urgold amongst the ruins.

Warhammer Underworlds Shadespire - Fyreslayers

As you might imagine, the Chosen Axes are deadly in close combat and then even get better once they have claimed an objective or two. When you're obsessed with riches it does certain buoy up your combat effectiveness.

This might get me back into picking up the different warbands for Shadespire. So far I'd only painted up the first two from the main box but it would be neat to try out more with friends.

Age Of Sigmar Campaign

We were also told about an upcoming global campaign for Age Of Sigmar, set amongst the events of Malign Portents. Dread Solstice approaches...

Dread Solstice - Age Of Sigmar Campaign

Here's what you can expect from the campaign...

"The Dread Solstice Campaign is a branching narrative, where the games you play and models you paint can be used to decide where the story goes next. Imagine a huge, collaborative ‘choose your own adventure’ story and you’ll have the basic idea of how it works."

I really like the idea of everyone chipping in to form the narrative for this campaign. It should make for good reading as events unfold and maybe you'll even forge some interesting stories for your own characters along the way.

What do you think of the news?

"Included in the trailer above you will also see some of the new models including some snake-like women and the mighty Mortahi herself..."

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