The Disciples Of Tzeentch Begin Weaving Spells In Age Of Sigmar

January 14, 2017 by brennon

The Changer of Ways is digging his claws into the Mortal Realms of Age of Sigmar as Games Workshop focus in on the Disciples Of Tzeentch for their pre-orders this week. Take a look...

Disciples Of Tzeentch

First up we have the book which will guide you in the ways of creating a dangerous and magically potent force on the tabletop. The forces are detailed within as well as some new lores of magic plus background and even Path To Glory rules too so you can work on your smaller warbands.

Of course, you can't have a warband without some warriors and that's where the Kairic Acolytes come in.

Kairic Acolytes

You'll be able to make twenty of these warriors who were first seen as part of the Silver Tower set for Warhammer Quest least year. A few upgrade options are including giving you different weapon options and the deadly Vulcharc which will be swooping in at you to attack.

Leading the way we also have some more personalities from Silver Tower. This means a Gaunt Summoner takes to the field...

Gaunt Summoner

...and an Ogroid Thaumaturge!

Ogroid Thaumaturge

I still really like the direction that Games Workshop went in with the Ogroid Thaumaturge and I hope that they carry this over into the look of the new Ogors across the board. While I don't mind the previous incarnation I think this would certainly follow along with the more magical setting of Age of Sigmar.

Finishing things off Games Workshop has also put together a set of Tzeentch Dice for those avid collectors.

Tzeentch Dice

It seems somewhat of a bad idea to play with fate using dice based on the God that loves to trick and weave fate between its fingers. Well, I'm sure that you know what you're doing anyway fellow Sorcerers. Right?

What do you think of these new magical offerings for this week?

"Of course, you can't have a warband without some warriors and that's where the Kairic Acolytes come in..."

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