There Be Dracoths Coming To The World Of Age Of Sigmar

March 12, 2016 by brennon

Games Workshop are now welcoming the Dracothian Guard to the world of Age of Sigmar alongside a new Lord-Celestant model and an additional Battletome called Stormcast Eternals: Extremis. I can't help but say that without a bit of a skater tone to my voice. The next one will surely be Radicalus!

Dracothian Heroes

Leading the way we have the Lord-Celestant on Dracoth model which allows you to now make your own hero and not have to rely on the one from the Starter Set. He comes with options to give him a stormglaive, a volleystorm crossbow, lightning hammer or thunderaxe.

Lord Celestant On Dracoth

As I mentioned during the week I don't mind these models but they seem to take away from my vision of how the Stormcast Eternals were being represented. The idea was to have them as these avenging angels travelling on bolts of lightning and now they also have Dracoth to ride? Seems like just giving them something new for the sake of it.

On top of the Lord-Cerlestant  we also have a new Knight Heraldor model who will be calling the other warriors to battle.

Knight Heraldor II

I do think this chap is looking rather heroic and while he is suffering from foot-on-rock syndrome he looks the part with his sword held high and the battle-horn ready to blow. I do quite like the aesthetic of the Stormcast Eternals as a whole, just not in blue and gold.

Dracothian Guard

As well as the Lord Celestant of course we have the actual unit that will be riding into battle alongside him. The Dracothian Guard are a unit of these dragon riding warriors who can be armed in a similar way to the Lord.

Dracothian Guard #1

Dracothian Guard #3

Dracothian Guard #2

I really like this last alternative paint scheme that we see in this last model adding a lot of jade and colder colours to the pallet. I think it paints (quite literally) the Stormcast in a bit of a different light and looks a lot more interesting.

One person commented that it would be good to have actually seen Elves mounted on Dracoths for Age of Sigmar - the natural evolution of the Dragon Princes.

Stormcast Eternal: Extremis

Lastly we have the book that accompanies this release...

Stormcast Eternals Extremis"Descending from darkened, riven skies on startlingly powerful Stardrakes, thundering forward toward the battle lines on vengeful Dracoths, the Extremis Chamber of the Stormcast Eternals approaches to make war. The heavy cavalry of the heavens, this is the ultimate expression of the power of the god-king Sigmar – an incredible display of celestial might designed to take down the most hideously brutal creatures of Chaos, reclaiming the mortal realms for Order.

Created from the most indomitable Stormcast Eternals, and aided in their creation by Dracothion himself, the Extremis Chambers are an unstoppable spear-thrust, shattering the armour of Chaos and posing a true challenge to the grip of the Dark Gods."

It also revealed this particular model, the Stardrake. This is a huge dragon kit that is coming down the line for the Stormcast Eternals and while it looks alright - maybe a bit too much?

Star Drake

Will you be investing in these Dracothian Guards as a different element of the Stormcast Eternals army?

Drop your thoughts below!

"Will you be investing in these Dracothian Guards as a different element of the Stormcast Eternals army?"

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