The Fyreslayers Fight Their Way Into Age Of Sigmar

January 9, 2016 by brennon

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If you were wondering when the next big faction was going to come to Age of Sigmar then wonder no more. After all the spoilers the next army, the Fyreslayers, are now on pre-order from Games Workshop.

Flame-Wreathed Leaders

Leading the charge we have the Auric Runemaster who you can see here. He is a deadly warrior but also has the ability to summon up flames and ash from the depths.

Auric Runemaster

One of the abilities his has is to cause terrain to bubble and boil with lava making it hard to cross for your enemy. I quite like the design they've gone for here although with no moustache he does look a little odd don't you think?

Warriors Of Fire

Following on from him we have the foot troops who will be fighting to reclaim Ur-Gold from the other races in the Age of Sigmar world. We'll kick off with the Vulkite Berserkers.

Vulkite Berserkers

To help the new and improved 'slayer' from not dying so very quickly the Vulkite Berserkers actually refuse to die when they have their own brethren around them. This gives them an additional save when taking mortal and regular wounds. They also hit like a truck with those deadly axes.

Next up are the Hearthguard Berserkers who come with axes which also carry small flails/pots on the back. These let out a gout of flame as they fight hurting their foe even after the axe has smashed through them.

Hearthguard Berserkers

Last but not least we have the Auric Hearthguard who come armed with ranged weapons. These firesticks send blasts of flame towards the enemy and keep them at bay so that the Auric Runemaster can do his work.

Auric Hearthguard

I really like the design of all of these models from Games Workshop. While you might put it down to me loving Dwarfs, I think that they work really nicely as an army. They've done a great job of making them look deadly and not silly which was one of my major concerns.

You can find out more via their Battlescrolls over on the webstore.

What do you think?

"One of the abilities his has is to cause terrain to bubble and boil with lava making it hard to cross for your enemy..."

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