Go Hunting With The New Stormcast Eternal Vanguard

February 11, 2017 by brennon

Games Workshop expands upon their collection for Age of Sigmar and the Stormcast Eternals with two new sets for you to check out. We're starting off with the Vanguard Hunters...

Vanguard Hunters

The Vanguard Hunters are those Stormcast Eternals who head out in front of the main force to pave the way for a great host to arrive. This is shown in their lighter armour design and the addition of furs cloaks, giving them a more wilderness living aesthetic.

I do like the look of these models and while it's yet more for the Stormcast I think it's cool to see more facets of their army coming to life. I particularly like that we're seeing more Stormcast with their helmets off. More axes is always a good thing too, a brutal and awesome looking weapon.

Wild Companions

Accompanying them on their hunt we also have the Gryph Hounds who are a group of savage looking beasts ready to rip and tear their way through the enemy!

Gryph Hounds

These are some powerful looking beasts and I think, once again, we've got some cool stuff coming out for the Stormcast Eternals. I like the design and I think it's cool to see some beasts which are a step up from the smaller ones we'd seen in the likes of Silver Tower and as companions for the other characters.

So, will you be diving into more painting for your growing Stormcast Eternal army?

Drop your comments below!

"More axes is always a good thing too, a brutal and awesome looking weapon..."

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