Join The Age Of Sigmar Stormcast Heraldor & Vexillor In Battle

September 12, 2015 by brennon

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There are only two big releases for Age of Sigmar this week by Games Workshop. The first of these is the Knight-Heraldor and the second the Knight-Vexillor each of whom bring a new set of abilities to the battlefield for the Stormcast Eternals.


Effectively what you would have called a musician in the old days of Warhammer Fantasy the Heraldor will be tooting his own horn across the battlefield and giving out some buffs and debuffs to those other Stormcast around him.

Knight Heraldor (Front)

Knight Heraldor (Rear)

He has abilities like Β Onwards to Glory where he can inspire your other units to charge during a turn even if they have ran or retreated earlier. This is pretty powerful. His other ability is to shake the foundations of terrain where the Thunderblast causes D3 wounds to units within a certain distance of said terrain.

You can find out more about these abilities and his statistics on his Warscroll which you can download for free HERE.


The Knight-Vexillor fulfils the role that would most likely be that of a standard bearer in Warhammer Fantasy. He has a rather large icon that he hefts into battle which I think looks a little silly. It might have been nice to see this as a proper banner compared to this icon design we see here so I would choose that option.

Knight Vexillor (Icon)

The Vexillor can either, when in battle, use the icon to summon down a meteor from the sky to crash into the battlefield or move units around using hurricane storms. This ability picks up a unit and moves them around the battlefield then hurts enemies when they eventually land.

Knight Vexillor (Banner)

You can find out more about how it works HERE via his Warscroll.

Are these going to be the next addition to your Stormcast army?

Let us know if you've been building an army...

"It might have been nice to see this as a proper banner compared to this icon design we see here..."

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