The Kharadron Overlords Soar Into Age Of Sigmar This Week

April 15, 2017 by brennon

Arriving in the world of Age of Sigmar this week we have the Kharadon Overlords from Games Workshop. If you're a fan of Dwarfs (Duardin sorry...) and steampunk then this could well be the faction for you to take a closer look at.

Battletome Kharadron Overlords

Kicking things off of course we have the new Order Battletome which will come with all of the rules inside for you to play out this army with their Warscrolls and a whole bunch of Battalions too allowing you to make themed forces.#

Sigmar-Weekender-Images -1

Additionally, you'll, of course, get your dose of background so you can find out exactly how this faction fit into the wider world of the Mortal Realms.

Lead The Way

At the head of your army, you have the Arkanaut Admiral who strides into battle with his skalfhammer (which just sounds awesome on its own right?).

Arkanaut Admiral

"An Arkanaut Admiral is the leader of an airfleet. An Admiral does not have a ship of his own, as each ship has a Captain at the wheel, but will nominate one craft as his flagship.

It takes success and tremendous profit for a duardin to catapult themselves into the upper echelons of the airfleets, and individuals that have done so are battle-scarred veterans that have seen countless wars, boarding actions and aerial bombardments."

This was one of the models that immediately drew me to this force. I wasn't too sure on the whole aesthetic of the Kharadon Overlords but this fellow in his massive suit of armour and rather ornate looking beard hit the spot. I think they'd be awesome to work on with plenty of drybrushing and grease!

There are a few more characters to look forward to as well like this fellow...


...and who could really resist a fellow flying around on magically powered ballons with a top hat on?

Crew To Me!

Manning the different ships that the Kharadons bring to the tabletop we also have the mainstay of their force with the Arkanaut Company.

Arkanaut Company

This group of Duardin come with a selection of melee options for the tabletop as well as some powerful ranged weapons too. Who could pass up a steampunk/magical mini-gun?

"When it comes to feet on the ground, the Arkanaut Companies form the Kharadron Overlords’ main fighting forces.

Descending swiftly via a Frigate’s grav-ladders or suspension ropes, an Arkanaut Company can deploy rapidly into the fray."

All of the equipment sounds rather Sci-Fi to me which is really odd but I suppose it fits into the zanier and off the wall nature of the Age of Sigmar. When you see artwork like this as well you get a real sense of this more over-the-top Fantasy nature on show in the Mortal Realms.


They certainly mesh more with the design of the Stormcast Eternal and the other factions in the game more than they did.

Stop Putting Holes In My Ship!

A good set of sky-duadrin need themselves a ship to pilot and that's where the kit for the Arkanaut Frigate comes into play.

Arkanaut Frigate"The Arkanaut Frigate represents centuries of refinement by the shipwrights of the Endrineers Guild. In its design, a balance was struck between speed, transport capacity and firepower to create a versatile craft that could serve as the mainstay for the airfleets.

With its sleek hull and powerful buoyancy endrin, the Arkanaut Frigate is fast and powerful enough to escape the gravitational drag of a density hole, while retaining enough firepower to level a city should the need arise."

This was what also won over a lot of people when it came to the new faction of Duardin in Age of Sigmar. The ship designs are looking really fun and they could be fantastic when arrayed on the tabletop, a full flotilla drifting towards the enemy with guns blazing away.

The real question is, are you going to getting in on the Kharadron Overlord army right now?

Let us know below!

"At the head of your army, you have the Arkanaut Admiral who strides into battle with his skalfhammer..."

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