The Lord Of Change Is Summoned Forth For Age Of Sigmar This Week

January 30, 2017 by brennon

Games Workshops' Age of Sigmar looks to the daemonic powers of Tzeentch for their host of pre-orders ahead of a release this coming weekend. Leading the way is the new sculpt for Kairos Fateweaver...

Kairos Fateweaver

Now that is a mighty daemon. As mentioned in previous pieces about these releases while some of them are still a bit hit and miss the work on Kairos is impressive, as is the regular Lord of Change which can also be made from the kit.

Lord Of Change

You can't have a mighty sorcerer like that however without some faithful servants to serve him on the battlefield.

Characters New & Old

Joining Kairos we have the likes of The Blue Scribes, who are certainly an interesting part of the Tzeentch puzzle.

The Blue Scribes

"Tzeentch created two daemons, P’tarix and Xirat’p, for the sole purpose of learning every spell in existence. The Blue Scribes, as they are known, ride their Disc of Tzeentch through the realms seeking every fragment of arcana.

While P’tarix inscribes magical spells and stabs nearby enemies with his quills, his twin Xirat’p reads the written words, casting strange magics."

Quite fitting indeed! The model collection for your Tzeentch army is rather big and you can see more over on their Pre-Order section but I wanted to draw attention back to The Changeling who is looking superb.

The Changeling

While I do like the look of a lot of the models in the range this one really got me. I think the cloak looks fantastic as well as the hidden identity shrouded by his cowl. You can just imagine him up to mischief in the Realms.

Start Your Army

Games Workshop hasn't left people having to bundle together an army from the various boxes either as they also released a new Start Collecting set for Daemons Of Tzeentch.

Start Collecting Tzeentch

Inside the set, you get a unit of Pink Horrors, Screamers Of Tzeentch, Flamers Of Tzeentch and a Burning Chariot of Tzeentch. As the backbone of an army that's a rather good set. With another core battleline unit thrown into the mix, it would make for an army with plenty of options on the tabletop.

Talking of battleline units, you can also now pick up units of Pink Horrors...

Pink Horrors

...and Blue Horrors (plus their Brimstone Horrors).

Blue & Brimstone Horrors

I'm still not a big fan of the beaks on the Pink Horrors as it looks a little bit goofy in my opinion. Still the other models look great and the Blue Horrors in particular have a nice air of gibbering madness to them.

What do you think?

"...they also released a new Start Collecting set for Daemons Of Tzeentch"

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