[Update] Age Of Sigmar’s New Edition, Adeptus Titanicus & Plastic Sisters Of Battle

May 12, 2018 by brennon

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As some of you will know, Games Workshop is running Warhammer Fest over this coming weekend. Well, the first big bit of news hit for that earlier with the news that Age Of Sigmar was getting a new edition of the game.

Warhammer Age Of Sigmar New Edition

As the announcement suggests, we're going to be seeing Age Of Sigmar expand to include a new narrative, refined gameplay choices and interestingly more focus on magic which is cool.

It will also see the forces of Order and Death at the forefront it seems as that becomes the focus after Malign Portents. But, it's not just all Fantasy as the team are also talking Warhammer 40,000 too.

[Update] New Blood Bowl Teams

We also got to see some of the new models coming out from the Specialist Games team for Blood Bowl. The lead was taken by some new Blood Bowl Dark Elves.

Dark Elf Blood Bowl Team

The team is looking awesome, especially the Witch Elf in the middle of the piece there. I think the models here are rather ace indeed - showing off plenty of motion.

We also got some more of their specialised players like the Assassin here.

Blood Bowl Star Players

Other teams are not out of the loop either with some new releases which can be seen over on their Blog AND these monstrous new Troll designs.

New Blood Bowl Trolls

Some wonderful models which take us back to the Old World!

[Update] Adeptus Titanicus Preview

We got our first look at Adeptus Titanicus as well from Warhammer Fest including some of the new models.

Adeptus Titanicus

The game is set to be released in August and will offer up a chance to play as these mighty Titans without shelling out for a new mortgage AND comes with some swanky looking new terrain options too.

Adeptus Titanicus (Single)

Adeptus Titanicus Terrain

Check out the teaser trailer that was popped up on their Live Blog this weekend...

Are you excited for this awesome new game set within the world of Warhammer 40,000?

[Update] Plastic Sisters Of Battle

Additionally, we also got to see the first miniature for the Sisters Of Battle which will be available ahead of the main release.

Plastic Sister Of Battle Preview

It is going to be very hard not to play Adeptus Sororitas when they come out next year...

[Update] New Edition Teasers & Malign Sorceries

So we get some more word on what's coming for Age Of Sigmar in the form of two new forces.

The first of these is the Nighthaunt who have turned out to be a full-on faction within the Death sphere rather than just a single model!

We also have a new Chamber for the Stormcast Eternals as Sigmar unleashes the Sacrosanct Chamber on his foes.

These new warriors of the storm have access to powerful magical abilities and strange beasts.

We also learned about how massive spells are going to be a part of the world now. This means a major overhaul of how magic works AND lasting effects (as miniatures on the battlefield).

Sorcery #1 - Age Of Sigmar

I love the idea of these spell effects remaining on the tabletop as it really starts to develop the cinematic feel of Age Of Sigmar on the tabletop.

Sorcery #2 - Age Of Sigmar

Are you being won over by the new look of Age Of Sigmar they are bringing to the tabletop?

New Models

We also got to see some of the first new models for the range which included this updated Stormcast Eternal here wielding their tired and tested hammer.

Stormcast Hammer - Age Of Sigmar

...and alongside that we also saw this new model for the undead, labelled as a Nighthaunt. It will be very interesting seeing where the game goes in the future but that looks like a Stormcast Eternal with a firm grip on magic!

Nighthaunt - Age Of Sigmar

I'm sure there will be plenty of additional news over the coming few days and we'll try and update this as things go on. However, what do you think of a new Edition of Age Of Sigmar?

Drop your thoughts below...

"A new edition of Age Of Sigmar to be revealed and more this weekend at Warhammer Fest..."

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