New Race! The Kharadron Overlords Come To Age Of Sigmar

March 15, 2017 by brennon

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It looks like it's not just the world of Warhammer 40,000 getting a big update from Games Workshop at GAMA. Additionally, we also got to see the new race for Age of Sigmar known as the Kharadron Overlords who are a different breed of Duardin (Dwarf) soaring through the skies into the Mortal Realms.


It is stressed in the fluff for these fellows that they're nothing like their Duradin fellows who hid in the mountains or the berserker Fyreslayers that rampage across the lands. These Duardin thrived in the new world of the Mortal Realms and took to the skies in some rather fascinating looking machines of war.

Take To The Skies

A new collection of airships leads the way for this release of models providing you with a mix of the Steampunk and the Fantasy on the tabletop. Take a look at some of their creations here including the Arkanaut Ironclad...

Arkanaut Ironclad

...and the Grundstok Gunhauler plus the Arkanaut Frigate.

Grundstok Gunhauler

Arkanaut Frigate

There is very much the feeling that these creations aren't just powered by the kind of technology that we'd be used to when it comes to these creations. There is something aether-like and magical to their collection of ships and while I was immediately put off by this clash of aesthetics I actually really like it!

And no, not just because they're Dwarves (although that might have a little something to do with it)!

Deckhand Duardin

Manning these ships will be a host of new troops who will fight on the ground, and indeed in the air, alongside their marvels of technology. See what you think of the likes of the Arkanaut Company.

Arkanaut Company

This looks to be your port of call when it comes to a Battleline unit in the game. Armed with plenty of 'ship' based weaponry like harpoons, cutlasses and big guns they seem like they've mixed the best of being sailors and Dwarves. Maybe this is what they've been talking about when they mentioned Man O' War in previous teasers?

The Grundstok Thunderers then look to be your ranged option with all manner of interesting guns at their disposal. If you wanted to imagine the Squats had come back to Warhammer 40,000 this might not be a bad force to add to your collection.

Grundstok Thunderers

Whilst I like some of the gun designs some of them seem a little crazy for the 'Fantasy' world of Age of Sigmar. Guns have always been part of the mix in Warhammer Fantasy, the Empire and the Dwarfs for example, and I guess they had to take the next big step here, but it still feels a bit odd.


The Skyriggers (seen above) then finish off this first bunch of previews for the Kharadron Overlords when it comes to troops. They look great and you could imagine them floating around the ships doing some maintenance work but as one friend pointed out, how on earth are they meant to compete with the other flying units out there like the Prosecutors of the Stormcast Eternals? They don't look particularly fast!

Characters Of The Kharadron

It wouldn't be a release without some characters and we start off with the main named one from the release, Brokk Grungsson.

Brokk Grungsson

If you needed any more of a nod towards the influence of Steampunk on this faction then look no further than that tophat and twizzled moustache. Once again, an interesting model, which feels almost on the edge of Sci-Fi rather than Fantasy. He's even holding a chainsword!

Brokk is joined by some other unnamed characters to help him command his forces including the Aether Khemyst...

Aether Khemyst

...and the Aetheric Navigator. Once again we're seeing this fascinating design across their models which shows not a single scrap of flesh. They have had to cover up to protect themselves from the magical energies that flow through the skies above the Mortal Realm.Β Aetheric Navigator

This does make them a faction that catches my attention as I utterly hate having to paint skin! With these guys, plenty of metallics and a few washes should do!

The more martial heroes also popped up in the preview including the Arkanaut Admiral here who is carrying around a rather deadly looking hammer. I love the design for the armour here which has something of the old school 'diver' about it. The ornate beard armour looks great too.

Arkanaut Admiral

We finish off the look at the Kharadron Overlords with the final character from the mix, the Endrinmaster, who seems a bit squat but appears to have carried a forge and anvil around with him on his back.


Something which might have influenced this design choice for the Kharadron Overlords is the Dwemer from Elder Scrolls. They were masters of machines and a lot of their designs follow the aesthetics that we're seeing here. Of course, this has been given its own Age of Sigmar edge but there are parallels.

Are They For You?

So there we have it. A new 'race' for the world of Age of Sigmar ready to rain down death from the skies as they come to show off their marvellous technology.


Importantly I now want to know if they are the faction for you. They certainly have some awesome looking models but is their aesthetic too much of a clash with what already exists for Age of Sigmar? Is it good that we're seeing this twist on a tried and tested format?

Drop your thoughts below and have a natter!

"These Duardin thrived in the new world of the Mortal Realms and took to the skies in some rather fascinating looking machines of war..."

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"They have had to cover up to protect themselves from the magical energies that flow through the skies above the Mortal Realm..."

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