The Shadow Queen Is Coming To Age Of Sigmar

January 24, 2018 by brennon

As part of a teaser trailer for the approaching shadow that threatens to change the world of Age Of Sigmar, we got to learn about a returning character to the Mortal Realms. Could Morathi be coming back at the head of a new force for Games Workshop?

Morathi Teaser #1

The trailer talks of a powerful character escaping from the maw of a terrible god and how she was forgotten by the others as she fought to protect the Mortal Realms from the threat of Chaos.

Morathi Teaser #2

The links to the Aelf God Khaine, as well as plenty of moments which show Witch Elves and lots of serpentine women being thrown into the mix, mean that we're probably going to be seeing Morathi come back to take her place amongst the other mighty characters in Age Of Sigmar.

Morathi Teaser #3

This could be a very neat new range of miniatures if they get them right. Witch Elves obviously bring in a lot of chances to try something new and dynamic with the models plus there's plenty of room for new monsters and more as part of her force.

I wonder how this is going to sit with Malerion and Tyrion, never mind the other forces of Order? Maybe we'll start to see more from the Aelfs as a whole and could even get a Malerion model!

What do you think?

"I wonder how this is going to sit with Malerion and Tyrion, never mind the other forces of Order?"

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