Community Spotlight: A Slaughterpriest Showdown & Werewolf Den

December 2, 2016 by crew

We're doing something a little bit different in this particular Community Spotlight. We are looking into the Hobby & Painting Forum but at the results of the Slaughterpriest Painting Competition, that was run a few months ago by community member nakchak.

All you had to do was pick up the new White Dwarf magazine and paint up the free Slaughterpriest however you saw fit. After a little while, we now have the winners and we're going to show off the top three!

Slaughterpriest Competition 1st Place


Slaughterpriest - silverstars

Well done to silverstars for the win on this one. The model looks superb and there's so much attention to detail worked into the paint job here, especially on his arm wrapped up in the chain. This kind of subtle painting and attention to detail is what won the hearts of the community and we're looking forward to seeing more of your work.

Slaughterpriest Competition 2nd Place


Slaughterpriest - pwalker84

Going for a brighter red look we had the amazing work of pwalker84 to gawp at this time around. He went for a similar style of painting here when it came to the flesh tones but the armour is different and almost more vibrant. You can see why the community had such a hard time choosing between so many good entries now!

Slaughterpriest Competition 2rd Place


Slaughterpriest - suetoniuspaullinius

A dirty and grimdark look is what we've come to expect from the talented hand of suetoniuspaullinus and that's exactly what we got here. There's plenty of awesome colours on show here as well as coatings of blood which is always welcome when it comes to Khorne. The additional detail on the base with a skeleton smashed to pieces gives you an idea of the bloody battlefields this warrior fights on.

All of them are worthy winners and we'll let nakchak tell you a bit more...

"First of all, though I would like to thank the community for joining in, sharing your work in progress and making it one of the most fun-filled threads I have ever been involved with. As well as the people who took the time to vote, the voting received an unbelievable 82% completion rate, with an average completion time of neigh on three minutes! Anyway, I’m sick of voting post mortems, on with the results! With the final results counted quite a few entries had the same tally, so several entrants have a combined position.

I think the quality of entry is so high that it’s impossible to really attribute any meaning to the top ten positions, and even then, it seems quality of photography dictated the final positions across the board not the quality of the paintjob!

This brings the Slaughter Priest Painting Competition to a (long overdue) end, it has been a lot of fun to watch it grow and the enthusiasm of all the entrants has been infectious, so once again thanks everyone who entered and voted, you literally are what makes Beats of War the friendliest and most engaging online wargaming community I know of!

So, what next? I hear some rumblings of possible future events once BoW 2.0 is live… and remember, no paint job is too bad to enter, you have no excuses!"

But that's not all from this weeks spotlight as we also have something impressive to show off from those terrain makers amongst us.

Werewolf Den by darkiss

Digging around in their child's room darkiss and his wife rayven found this awesome plastic toy soldier mountain but instead of throwing it out they wanted to do something with it. So, it went from this...

Wolf Den (Before) by darkiss this impressive feature piece which now serves as a Werewolf Den during their games of Empire Of The Dead.

Wolf Den & Circle by darkiss

It truly is a rather awesome looking piece of terrain packed with all manner of detail and extra work to bring it up to the stage where it would be great for use on the tabletop.

Werewolf Den (Alt)

Now that really is something special, isn't it? The close-ups really show off how you'd plan using this on the tabletop too with each of the doors allowing you to spring traps on those hunters heading up into the hills in search of feral beasts.

Wolf Den (Close) by darkiss

You can go and check out the forum post for a few more images of this terrain piece and the tabletop that it has been included in. I'd love to play a few skirmishing adventures on this terrain as I imagine you do too!

As always make sure to go and show off your work in the Hobby & Painting Forum as we love seeing your work. As nakchak would say there's no excuse for showing off your painting and modelling as everyone is welcome!

Get stuck in and inspire us and each other to paint up your mounds of plastic and metal!

What do you think of these worthy winners?

"...instead of throwing it out they wanted to do something with it. Basically, don't throw out your old toys!"

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