Start Collecting An Age Of Sigmar Wave Of Bone & Ratty Rot

March 5, 2016 by brennon

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Games Workshop have put together a new set and a book for those of you that like the rot of the Skaven in Clan Pestilens. As well as that for Age of Sigmar they are also looking towards alternative Skeletal Hordes too...

Clan Pestilens

First off we have the new Chaos Battletome for the Skaven Pestilens. This book brings together the rotting hordes that will serve the Horned Rat. It seems like these creatures have taken over as lords of decay and are certainly putting Nurgle to shame...

Battletome Skaven Pestilens

Inside you get a run down of the background for this faction. You'll find out where it stands right now and where it should be going in the future. You will also get Warscrolls, Warscroll Battalions and Battleplans which allow you to base scenarios around your faction.

These books are actually looking like they could be quite the nifty buy for someone who is really into their Skaven.

Start Collecting

If you have a new Battletome then you're going to need an army to start collecting. With that in mind they have you covered with this Skaven Pestilens set which comes with a Plague Furnace, Plagueclaw, twenty Plague Monks and a Warscroll Battalion sheet allowing you to use this mix up of troops.

Start Collection - Skaven Pestilens

I still really like these Start Collecting sets which Games Workshop have been making and while this one might be a little much on the 'bigger is better' side of things I guess these are some of the iconic parts that make up Clan Pestilens.

Following on from these rats we also have a new undead Start Collecting set to check out. This one makes up the start of a Skeleton Horde and contains Arkhan the Black, ten Skeletons and five Black Knights. Not a bad shout simply for Arkhan himself!

Start Collecting - Skeleton Horde

This one might take a little bit of growing but it could certainly mark the beginning of a good army for your Age of Sigmar games. Skeletons are still a little bit dusty at the moment but with magic from Arkhan the Black backing them up I'm sure you'll have some good strength in there.

Will you be considering these?

"It seems like these creatures have taken over as lords of decay and are certainly putting Nurgle to shame..."

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