Stormcast Vanguard Hunters Scout Ahead In Age Of Sigmar

January 24, 2017 by brennon

A new selection of Stormcast Eternal models popped up from Games Workshop forming the scouting force for a larger army. See what you make of the Vanguard Hunters and their Gryph Hounds for Age Of Sigmar.

Vanguard Hunters (Main)

Known as the Vanguard Chamber they will be getting themselves a new Battletome with additional rules for these wild hunters.

Vanguard Hunters (Close)

Representing the forces of Sigmar that have spent a lot of time out there in the Realms rather than amongst the shining buildings of Azyr they have a sleeker and agile look to them. They also cloak themselves in furs giving them a decidedly more feral look.

Accompanying them as they range far and wide are the Gryph Hounds.

Gryph Hounds

These Gryph Hounds are decidedly more dangerous looking than the ones we've seen so far. Like the Hunters above they appear more feral and ready to rip apart enemies with those sharp beaks and claws.

We were also told to watch out for the Aetherwing and the Gryph-Chargers - watch this space.

What do you think of the new models?

"Accompanying them as they range far and wide are the Gryph Hounds..."

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