The Sylvaneth Sprout Forth For Warhammer Age Of Sigmar

July 2, 2016 by brennon

Games Workshop have now added the Sylvaneth to their webstore for you to pre-order for Age of Sigmar. Alarielle The Everqueen has roused those that dwell within the forest in the Realm of Life and they are ready to defend their land against all comers be they friend or foe...

Alarielle The Everqueen

It makes sense that we should focus in on her to begin with then atop her might Wardroth Beetle. She is a magnificent looking creation, a brilliant model that I think speaks to what Games Workshop can achieve with the range going forward.

Alarielle herself looks great too and she has something of the Kerrigan about her from Star Craft. I think you could do an amazing job of doing a corrupted version of her where she might have been twisted and warped by the powers of Chaos.

The Trees Come To Life

Before we get to the regular foot troops of the Sylvaneth we have some stunning new miniatures to take in. First we have the Kurnoth Hunters who can take on three different forms from the boxed set you can pick up.

Kurnoth Hunters #1

Kurnoth Hunters #2

Kurnoth Hunters #3

No silly names with this lot as you can either arm the Hunters with Greatswords, Scythes or Greatbows depending on the flavour of approach you want to take. I think that Games Workshop have created a unit I might like even more than the Orruk Brutes!

I don't really mind if folks consider me to sound like a Games Workshop fanboy for liking these models - I think they've done a stunningly good job with this release and the Kurnoth Hunters are the best of a wonderful bunch. They've mixed a really nice organic feeling into the sculpts as well as the eldritch mysticism that comes with a living forest.

As well as them we also have what some have dubbed the Drychanaught. Here is Drycha Hamadreth...

Drycha Hamadreth"...Her lack of control and bloody-minded genocidal urges make her a frightening foe – wavering between crushing depression and white-hot rage, she makes no distinction between orruk and Stormcast, gor-kin and duardin. She is an agent of violence who will fight on and on until her twisted dream of sylvaneth dominion is achieved."

Very cool AND she has been tied into The End Times which is neat, rooting (forgive the pun) the faction within the past of the Wood Elves. While some aren't fond of the overall look I think they've done something neat here to create a mad tree for lack of a better word.

Last but not least for the living woods we have the Branchwych who counts as one of their regular wizards in the world of Age of Sigmar.


While I like a lot about this miniature I'm not sure that I like the grub on her back. I know it has a rules purpose but I might consider trying to find a way to remove it and put it on the base if you needed to keep it - or simply cut it off for good.

Forest Guardians

Leading the way for the rest of the Sylvaneth release we have two sets of Revenants known as the Spite and Tree-Revanants. This represents two different styles of foot soldier.

Spite Revanants

"Making up the bulk of the Outcast warriors, echoing the noble Households, Spite-Revenants scream a constant dirge of sanity-destroying cacophony, drenching themselves in the blood of the foe and committing acts of horrifying savagery.

Fires of absolute madness burn bright in their hateful eyes as they dance through enemy ranks with cruel talons slashing and fangs bared."

Tree Revenants

"Merciless, fast and graceful, Tree-Revenants have a number of duties in a sylvaneth Household. Patrol, defence, conquering and crushing; huge bands of Tree-Revenants, with their sombre outlook and delicate limbs make the bulk of a Household force.

Everything they do is reminiscent of the Protectors of ancient days – their intention is is to uphold and strengthen the memory of those beings."

Great looking models. I'm not overly sure about the Spite-Revenants weird fingers which I only noticed when they were pointed out to me by a friend. Other than that I think they look excellent and I like the ethereal look of the Tree-Revenants with their flowing hair and almost ghostly, emaciated bodies.

Playing With The Sylvaneth

Of course all of the rules for these models are free to download online of course with the new release there is a Battletome for you to pick up.

Battletome Sylvaneth

Inside this book you'll get...

  • Rites of Battle: potent abilities that can be conferred on armies with the Sylvaneth allegiance, and Command Traitsthat can be used by their generals; ­
  • Spell Lores: powerful magic, both defensive and offensive, specifically for sylvaneth wizards; ­
  • Artefacts of the Glades: relics of war, usable by sylvaneth heroes;
  • 3x Battleplans, helping you to fight glorious battles based on the narrative leading up to them;
  • 5x Warscroll Battallions, collections of miniatures who gain special abilities when combined; ­
  • 8x Special Warscroll Battalions called Wargroves. These give you even more special abilities, magic items, command traits and spells;
  • 1x Historical Battalion, the Guardians of Alarielle, which recreates the alliance between the sylvaneth and the Stormcast Eternals;
  • Details of the history and organisation of the sylvaneth, with full background for every unit, character and monster in the faction. well as the story of the rebirth of the Sylvaneth within Age of Sigmar and more.

You can also snap up (but be quick) the special themed dice for the Sylvaneth which might vanish rather quickly I reckon!

Sylvaneth Dice Cube

Overall that's quite a lot of hobby for you to get stuck into over the next few weeks as we look towards the launch of the Summer Campaign in around a week or so. Will you be considering the Sylvaneth as your army of choice?

The General's Handbook

We can't also forget that the General's Handbook is also up for pre-order meaning that you don't have long to wait before this hits the tabletop. I will be ordering one of these for sure.

General's Handbook

Rules, guides, points costs, battle reports and more are all present within its pages showing you how to get started with Age of Sigmar and play it YOUR way.

I for one will be taking on the Path to Glory and making a great warband to shake the foundations of history!

Well...that's how I view it anyway!

What do you think of the new release?

"I think you could do an amazing job of doing a corrupted version of her [Alarielle] where she might have been twisted and warped by the powers of Chaos..."

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