New Terrain Coming This Week For Age Of Sigmar

July 29, 2015 by brennon

Some new terrain is coming for Age of Sigmar by Games Workshop. These two new pieces are the Numinous Occulum and Dragonfate Dais. While they are presented here among other leaks from the new White Dwarf HERE (thanks to Tabled Podcast) they have also been shown off in some stores so, here they are...

Architecture Of The Planes

These two structures are quite impressive and I think when combined with the existing terrain pieces will create an interesting tabletop for you to play your games of Age of Sigmar on. What the terrain does do is fit in better with the direction Warhammer was taking.

Terrain In Store

A lot of people had problems with the way the terrain sets were going for Warhammer, the Storm of Magic pieces in particular, but now they work within the background. With these twisted realms that are twisting and changing the buildings would be very odd as you can see here.

Replanting The Woods

This week also brings out the repackaged Dryads, Branchwraith and Treelord which had gone missing from the webstore over the past few days. I think these models still stand the test of time and it will be interesting to see if we do get a new Branchwraith or whether or not it will just be the same one in an old box.


If my housemate wasn't doing a Dryad army for Age of Sigmar then I would certainly be doing one. I love the idea of this dangerous forest coming to life to kill all interlopers.

What do you think of the new terrain?

"What the terrain does do is fit in better with the direction Warhammer was taking..."

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