The Tzaangors Bring Their Magic To The Battlefield Of Age Of Sigmar

January 22, 2017 by brennon

The Daemons are now joining the armies of Tzeentch for Age of Sigmar. Games Workshop has now opened up pre-orders for the Tzaangors in their myriad forms ready to rip apart reality and shape it in their image and that of their patron God. Take a look...

Tzaangor Shaman

Taking command upon their flying discs we have the Tzaangor Shaman with his magical staff in hand.

"Gifted with arcane abilities, precognitive visions and savage intelligence, Tzaangor Shamans are the most powerful of their kind. Born beneath dark omens, they are born to greatness, gifted with Discs of Tzeentch that raise them figuratively and literally above the heads of their peers.

With dark magics they can grant a dubious boon to their foes – mutating them into a form infinitely more pleasing to Tzeentch, that of a new Tzaangor. Not content to hang back and rely on magic, the Tzaangor Shaman is a formidable close-range fighter, attacking savagely."

I think the model looks superb, and it's continued to impress since we got to take a look at them as part of the preview. I like the way the headdress has been designed and the overall stance of the figure.

Protecting The Sorcerer

Defending them from those who would seek to interrupt their spellweaving we have the Tzaangor Skyfires...

Tzaangor Skyfires

"Atop weird Discs of Tzeentch the Tzaangor Skyfires soar across the battlefield into positions where they can rain death upon the foe. Able to catch glimpses of the future, the Skyfires send their Arrows of Fate on what appear to be baffling trajectories to an observer – but the missiles instead strike their targets’ most vulnerable weak spots with confounding accuracy."

...and the Tzaangor Enlightened.

Tzaangor Enlightened

"Elite Tzaangors, possessing strange feathers and elaborate horns, the Tzaangor Enlightened are truly blessed with the favour of Tzeentch. They wield ornate spears that set them above their lesser kin, some even riding upon Discs of Tzeentch. Tzaangor Enlightened can see strands of the past – foes cower in superstitious fear as the Enlightened give voice to events from their lives that no-one ought to have knowledge of."

Of the two sets we're seeing here I prefer the Skyfires to the Enlightened with their melee weapons. I think the models look a lot better and some of the details on the Enlightened seem rather too busy. I know we're looking at magical daemons here but there are a few times where it goes a bit far!

The Flock

In the middle of your army you're probably going to have a fair amount of these Tzaangors as well. These are Beastmen who have been warped and twisted to fit their Gods whims and now form the bulwark of your force.


Not much has changed since their incarnation in Silver Tower but I think that those single models in that set look better than these. There's something about the proportions that feels off in terms of the way the horns look and the heads compared to the rest of their body.

Maybe it's just me?

Either way, there's a plethora of new Tzeentch stuff on the way for Age of Sigmar to get stuck into.

Will you be giving them a go?

"Gifted with arcane abilities, precognitive visions and savage intelligence, Tzaangor Shamans are the most powerful of their kind..."

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