Tzeentch’s Minions Grow In Number With Age Of Sigmar Preview!

January 15, 2017 by brennon

Getting ahead of the crowd when it comes to leaks on the internet the Warhammer Community team has put together a very nice look at what's around the corner for the Disciples Of Tzeentch in Age of Sigmar from Games Workshop. We'll kick off with the big bird himself, Kairos Fateweaver.

Kairos Fateweaver

The kit can be built in a number of different ways and one of them is to bring the Fateweaver himself to life in all his glory. I think this even better than the regular Changer Of Ways and I love the design of the two heads which takes things to that next 'magical' level that we're seeing in Age Of Sigmar.

Tzaangor Spellcasters

Following on from him we have some support of the sorcerous kind as we look to the Tzaangor Shaman.

Tzaangor Shaman

This fellow looks great, and I wasn't that much of a fan of the Tzaangor design if I'm honest. I do like it here though and I think it carries over, for the most part, into his Skyflyer bodyguards who are going to be soaring around the battlefield with him.

Tzaangor Skyfires

There is certainly a sense of 'marmite' around this faction as some people are really liking the design philosophy here whilst others are totally against it. I think they've hit the nail on the head with some of their key characters even if the rank and file don't quite meet the same level for me.

Horrors Burst Forth

Additionally, we're seeing the Horrors leap forth from the magical tears in reality led by The Changeling itself.

The Changeling

The Changeling had a massive part to play in The End Times as he wove the pattern of fate around the downfall of humanity before the forces of Chaos. Now he/she/it has returned and is looking superb in that hooded robe. Very mysterious.

Some of his smaller and more explosive brethren are following in his wake too.

Blue & Brimstone Horrors

So, there is quite a good crop of miniatures on the way for those loving the Disciples of Tzeentch and hopefully, we'll see them hit the tabletop soon from the Warhammer TV Livestreams over on Twitch.

What do you think of their design choices?

"I love the design of the two heads which takes things to that next 'magical' level that we're seeing in Age Of Sigmar..."

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