Dare To Undertake Warhammer Quest: Shadows Over Hammerhal?

February 19, 2017 by brennon

You might have noticed that a new boxed adventure for Warhammer Quest is on the way from Games Workshop to add to their world of Age Of Sigmar. This new adventure, Shadows Over Hammerhal, takes a new batch of heroes and spices up the formula somewhat too.


The new boxed game is an adventure for two to five players and will feature four Heroes plus one Gamemaster! Yes, the Gamemaster has returned to the new version of Warhammer Quest as a fiendish adversary for your warriors to face down in the blasted city.

Shadows Over Hammerhal (Heroes)

So what's going on with this story...

"Hammerhal. Built in the glorious image of Azyrheim, the seat of the God-King Sigmarโ€™s power. Within its walls can be found danger and beauty, faith and intrigue, poverty and fortune. From the gleaming crystal spires of Goldenpath to the mist-shrouded vineways of Ghyra-un-Tyr, there is seemingly no end to its marvels. Yet most who witness this splendour know little of the danger and menace that fill the outer districts of the city, and that which lurks belowโ€ฆ"

Shadows Over Hammerhal (Blight Kings)
"A band of heroes has been brought together by circumstance, and are bound to hunt down and nullify a sinister Chaos plot in the dungeons and catacombs below Hammerhal. Lord-Castellant Arvios Sunhelm, his Gryph-hound Archimaine and Cogsmith Golnir Coalbeard are joined by Loremaster Alnaryn and Fleetmaster Vizrin Kyre, as they quest to uncover the Chaos Sorcerer Lord Redomir and put a halt to the vile corruption of the First City of Order."

This does sound rather awesome and I love the idea of delving deeper into the city and adventuring a bit more. It's neat to see them expanding upon the format and taking away some of the random element which popped up in Silver Tower. It was certainly in keeping with the game but made for some rather interesting scenarios.

As well as delving into the Cinderfall area of the city...

Shadows Over Hammerhal (Tiles)

...you can also do some neat out-of-game things too. For example, you can visit the market and buy new equipment, weapons and armour, level up and gain experience and then head off to sample the shadowy delights of the city too. It sounds like we're going to be experiencing some of what made the old Warhammer Quest a fan favourite.

Shadows Over Hammerhal (Tokens & Cards)

You will be facing off against a mixture of different evil-doers from the various pantheons of the Chaos Gods bringing the total of models in the set to thirty-one. You'll also get all of the gubbins that you are used to including tokens and cards to keep you going.

Shadows Over Hammerhal (Books)This sounds like it could well be quite the tabletop event full of some interesting adventures. I like the mix of characters and monsters plus the new format might make for a nice change of pace. One-Versus-Many games tend to be viewed negatively nowadays but if the game is right it can make for a pleasurable experience. See the new DOOM game as an example.

Grab Your Gamemaster Screen

If you pick up this game from Games Workshop you can also get yourself a Gamesmaster Screen which is FREE. It comes with the stats of your monsters on the other side to make things a little easier...

Game Master Screen

Game Master Screen (Alt)

It looks rather flash and I love the way the artwork on the front has been done. It'll be fun to see how the new game comes across and we hope it does well!

What do you think of Shadows Over Hammerhal?

"Yes, the Gamemaster has returned to the new version of Warhammer Quest as a fiendish adversary for your warriors to face down in the blasted city..."

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