Warhammer Quest Heroes Now Available For Age Of Sigmar & A Khornate Battlefield

October 29, 2016 by brennon

Games Workshop has now added separate entries to their webstore for the characters of Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower for Age of Sigmar. If you're looking to take these heroes as part of your army on the tabletop they've more than proved themselves amidst the crystal corridors of the Silver Tower...

Knight Questor

Leading the way is the Knight Questor...

"Borne into war by shimmering bolts of divine lightning, the Stormcast Eternals are warriors of vengenace. Forged by the god-king Sigmar into living weapons against the power of Chaos, some of these soldiers of the heavens are notable even amongst their shining brethren for their heroic deeds – these champions become known as a Knight-Questor.

Vowing to stand as a shield between the denizens of the mortal realms and the predatory horrors of Chaos, they undertake great quests in Sigmar’s name in order to find and retrieve powerful artefacts that might swing the tide of battle toward Order."

...and it was actually quite fun painting up this particular Stormcast Eternal to fit in with the rest of my army, meaning he'd work well when just dropped into the mix.

Following on from him we have the chaotic Darkoath Chieftain.

Darkoath Chieftain

"Amidst the all-encompassing horrors of the dominion of Chaos, only the strong and the ruthless survive. The Darkoath Chieftain is a notable survivor; his every deed is meant to win the favour of the Dark Gods.

He has slain countless mighty rivals, bested many great beasts, and sworn innumerable oaths to those gods in order to receive their gifts."

I went with the head of the Beastman, warped by Chaos, but I actually think that the axe probably suits him better. It's a nice update on a classic 'Barbarian' but it would have been nice to see him looking more dynamic.

Continuing with the theme of front line combat monsters we also have the Fyreslayer Doomseeker.

Fyreslayer Doomseeker

"It is said of the Doomseeker that his axe scorches the air with every swing, that he spits glowing embers with every war cry, and that the wrath of the forge burns in his glare. The ur-gold runes hammered into his very flesh glow with the power of his shattered god, and it is the thirst for more of this precious substance drives the Fyreslayer Doomseeker ever forward.

This desire for ur-gold leads him, as all Fyreslayers, to fight on the side of those who offer the most gold – not a mere mercenary, his word is his bond."

It's somewhat unfortunate that this particular Duradin isn't that great in-game. The Darkoath Chieftain is pretty good as a second front line fighter, but maybe when it comes to Age of Sigmar he will find his place on the battlefield.

We're now slinking into the shadows with the Tenebrael Shard...

Tenebrael Shard

"The threat of death hangs heavy around the Tenebrael Shard. Legends tell that he is a being of absolute fear, but beyond that no two tales truly agree upon his composition.

Whatever the truth about this creature, it is doubtless that he is a killer of silent, superlative skill, closing upon the prey unseen and ending their lives with callous efficiency."

Striking from the shadows you can do some dangerous things with this particular character. The design of him actually is very cool and the lunging strike is very dynamic.

Backing up her Aelf friend we have the Mistweaver Saih.

Mistweaver Saih

"Able to turn the minds of her enemies against them, the Mistweaver Saih is a sinister figure hailing from the Realm of Shadow. Very little else is known about her, and her emotions, motivations and allegiances are impossible to understand.

The only other certainty is that she is an immensely powerful enchantress, disturbingly serene in the centre of her storms of illusory horror and violent bloodshed."

These have been the first real look at what's happening with the regular Aelfs in the world of Age of Sigmar. Hopefully soon you'll be able to include them alongside their proper upgrade allies rather than just fighting for the combined forces of order.

And finally we have the Excelsior Warpriest whose healing can be invaluable in the Silver Tower. I'm sure that translates nicely over to the battlefield too.

Excelsior Warpriest

"A courageous, hammer-wielding mortal who has taken up arms to protect Sigmar’s faithful from Chaos, the Excelsior Warpriest’s selfless determination and fervour mean he has been gifted the power to summon forth divine light. With this holy radiance, he scours away the abominations of Chaos, even as he heals the wounds of his comrades.

His noble, loyal Gryph-hound prowls at his side, ever ready to give its life for its master if the need should arise."

While I do like the style of the Warpriest the Gryph Hound is my favourite part of the kit. He's a beast of a pet and when he grows up I'm sure he'll be a worthy mount too.

All of their entries on the webstore include links to a PDF offering up the rules for them in game.

A Khornate Bloodbath

Included in the pre-orders for this week we also have another Battle Mat, Khorne Dominion.

Khorne Dominion

It is a more blasted battlefield than the one we'd seen previously and gives you quite the blood soaked battlefield to fight on. Additionally it is 4x4 so it's for games on a smaller scale. Once again maybe you'd be able to pick up a few of these to put together if you wanted a larger battlefield.

It is somewhat strange however that it's 4x4 since even regular smaller games of Age of Sigmar get played out on larger 6x4 battlefields.

Either way, what do you think?

"It's a nice update on a classic 'Barbarian' but it would have been nice to see him looking more dynamic..."

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