New Worshippers Of Slaughter Do Battle For Age Of Sigmar’s Khorne

September 19, 2015 by brennon

Games Workshop haven't forgotten the forces of Khorne when it comes to additional characters in Age of Sigmar. The latest warriors to be bathed in blood are the Slaughterpriest and the Skullgrinder who each are named quite fittingly...

Slaughter For Khorne

The Slaughterpriest is an interesting model in that it doesn't conform to the normal vision of a worshipper of the Blood God. His slightly more lanky stature gives him a strange otherworldly look and yet even with that strange frame he also is rippling with muscle.

Slaughterpriest #1

Slaughterpriest #2

In game he can pray to the Blood God and either boil the blood within their veins, causing mortal wounds, or force them out of position, drawing them closer to your own forces so they can be butchered. Beware the prayers however as he can hurt himself if he rolls badly when praying!

You can read more about his capabilities in the Warscroll which is available for download HERE.

Skulls For Khorne

By comparison the Skullgrinder is very much a stereotypical Khornate worshipper. With his iconic helmet and chain/hammer/flail at his disposal, on fire no less, I'm sure he has ground many of his enemies into dust.

Skullgrinder #1

Skullgrinder #2

In game he can gain benefits for slaying monsters and heroes then bestow that on his fellow Khorne warriors. He makes them Blood Blessed meaning that they cause extra damage with each attack on a 4+ to hit.

Of course he is quite a competent melee fighter to as you can see in his Warscroll HERE.

Chaos Battletomes

Following in the footsteps of the Age of Sigmar Stormcast Eternal release last week the Chaos Bloodbound have now got their Battletomes too. They come in a regular Hard Back variety and the Limited Edition one too with the art prints and such as additional content.

Chaos Battletome

Chaos Battletome (Exclusive)

The Battletome, just as before, contains additional material for playing games with your Bloodbound include new Warscrolls giving you added benefits for choosing certain troops.

I would have thought by now they would have started thinking about a third or forth faction in the game. But, I suppose the fact that they have an existing line of miniatures right now lessens the usual 'only two factions' problem.

Are you waiting for the new factions and their range of models before you dive into Age of Sigmar proper?

Let me know below...

"Are you waiting for the new factions and their range of models before you dive into Age of Sigmar proper?"

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