Heroes & CLAU Come To Age Of Tyrants Kickstarter

January 30, 2016 by brennon

As the Age of Tyrants Kickstarter continues we've pulled up a few of the unlocked additions that you can add to your pledge. We kick things off with some heroes and then move onto the epic looking CLAU which bring walker-type warriors to the tabletop alongside the tanks...


Here are some of the heroes that have been unlocked for the factions within the game and a bit of the background behind them...

Commissar Volkova

"Mariya Volkova, the Winter Wolf, is a decorated tank commander who fought on the Eastern Front of ice world Criovik 9. The campaign was against Junker aggressors attempting to take over the small trading colony and spaceport there, which threatened grave consequences for trade through the system.

The Junker threat was suppressed thanks to Volkova's bold armoured assault tactics. She was given command of the 12th Armoured Battalion and an Iron Star Command Tank in which to lead it."


"Kallista is the designation given to a new type of Syntha command tank. An advanced, quantum processor module enables the SPOMM in this vehicle to slave up to four cells from any command on the battlefield.

The prototype was tested in the the Siege of Vorenus, against Viridian armoured elements, where its experimental Proteus Cannon proved devastating. The prototype is now assigned to command of Delta-Sigma Armoured Battalion."

Tribune Tertia

"Severina Lucilla Tertia, Scourge of the South Sector, has a fearsome reputation for one so young. A career soldier from a powerful Senate family, she rose quickly through the officer ranks, to her present position of Tribune.

At the head of the VIIth Infantry Legion, Tertia carved a swathe of new territory for Ironglass by deposing coup leaders and dictators who sprang up the economic chaos of the South Sector Bubble. In combat she has a guard of elite Praetorians."

All of these look neat and it's good to see some of them not actually have to mount up in vehicles too. I'm sure that some of the soldiers in Age of Tyrants would appreciate the ground support.


CLAUs also enter the battlefield for all of the factions which are some brutal looking beasts and mechanised warriors that tower over regular infantry. You can see some of the artwork for them here...

Clau #1

Clau #2

...and if that artwork has really drawn your attention then you can also add them to your army for use in the game as part of the combined arms feature. Here we have some of the sets for the various factions.

Clau Teams

With loads of additional heroes, walkers, additional vehicles and more the factions are growing pretty big now.

Have you joined in with the Age of Tyrants pledging?

"CLAUs also enter the battlefield for all of the factions which are some brutal looking beasts and mechanised warriors that tower over regular infantry..."

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